An all-round warm expression of contemporary club music. Turin-based DJ and producer Derek Neal wanders through atmospheric induced house landscapes, dreamy breakbeat layers and cosmic sound cinematics via Funnuvojere Records.

The catalog of Massimiliano Pagliara‘s beachside Funnuvojere Records reaches its fourth release. With the Berlin-based record label seeing a variety of breezy EP outings by the likes of James Booth, Jules Etienne and Rotciv so far, Vermont (USA) native Derek Neal steps up to the plate. Cultivating his interest in house and techno music from an early age, Derek channeled his interest in production to the point of presenting his debut EP via Funnuvojere Records.

A comforting sound distinguishes the record, laced together by fusion gentle of deep sound aesthetics. If A1 – Sky City feels like diving in calm water, A2 – Jet Fuel could soundtrack a romantic date. On the flip B1 – October has a cinematic personality, envisioning an urban landscape, while B2 – Stereosense expresses a special dynamicity of sound.

Listen on YouTube.

Reason Machine is scheduled for release November 18th. Grab your copy HERE.