Synthesizer gems courtesy of the Boston-based outfits. Armed with their trademark Italo, dark disco and new wave sound palette, the American group Dead Husband debuts on Bordello A Parigi and delivers a high quality, avant-garde four tracker.

The lights continue to shine bright at the Bordello A Parigi store. Having round off last year with the release of Tjade’s monstrous edit, the Amsterdam-based record store and label present their first outings of 2020, including a new compilation series: Diamonds In The Nights, EP release by Hypnotique and the label debut of Dead Husband. Having previously bagged releases on Brothers Label & Sisters Recordings and Waste Editions, the latter one is on display today.

The American group push their unique Italo and darkwave sound to new levels across the four track ‘Iguana’ EP. Streaming through our channels today, the EP’s closing track ‘Lake’ ramps-up the intensity, as crystalline keys scale skyward, dancing and writhing between steady kicks and echoing voice.

Listen on YouTube.

Iguana is scheduled for release February 24th. Grab your copy via Bordello A Parigi.