DC Salas delivers high flying euphoria on Correspondant! A dreamy coaster through powerful and heartfelt melodies, off-centered data transmissions and deep-chugging layers, including remixes by Bell Towers and Betonkust.

Since the start of this year, Brussels-based DJ and producer DC Salas has noticeably been picking up the pace of his studio output in excellent fashion. Following the recent release of his Indecisive” EP, the Biologic Records head honcho turns to Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant imprint for his second EP outing of 2019. Titled “Dawn Nostalgia”, the cohesive package traverses layers of powerful and heartfelt melodies, off-centered data transmissions and deep-chugging arrangements.

In anticipation for the release, we fired some questions across to the Kiosk resident about getting into a creative headspace, remix artists Bell Towers and Betonkust, his new residency at Brussels’ legendary C12 club, the coming together of the EP and upcoming plans for the Summer.

Dawn Nostalgia is scheduled for release June 14th. Grab your copy via Beatport.
Listen on YouTube.

Welcome DC, what’s been going on in Brussels and where do we find you today?

Hey there! Brussels is back to the usual rainy days after a few shiny ones. On my side, I’ve been busy working on 3 EP’s and a solo live act. Today, I’m in my home studio, ripping some vinyls for this weekends gigs and working on an edit at the same time.

After some time of radio silence on the production front, you recently released your first music in over 2 years. Tell us a little about that incubation period and what’s been happening.

Working on my first album has been an incredible journey and a relieving experience. I expressed a lot of my personal life in this LP. So when it got finalized and mastered, I took some time off the production side, mainly to focus on this album Live Act which included a drummer (Martin from Glass Museum) and Joy Adegoke (from Joy Wellboy). Again, this was a crazy adventure, which lasted for 1,5 year. So even if I was away from the concrete “production” side of things, I was still busy with my music.

Your new EP for Correspondant, ‘Dawn Nostalgia’, is a very cohesive package. Can you give us some backstory on how the tracks came together – were they all recorded in the same period for instance?

“Le Ballon Rouge” has been written earlier but the whole package got finalized together, to bring that consistent identity. I wanted to go back to some “clubbier” music, compared to the album, but with my personal twist. I got inspired by all the music I’ve been digging: from jazz, to proto house and new beat.

Does your music production normally reflect your current state of mind? How do you get yourself into a productive headspace?

Totally. It’s my favourite way of expression. It helps me to express a lot of feelings I couldn’t express in any other way. I understood this when I was doing my first album. That’s why I called it “The Unspoken”. To put myself in a productive mood, I listen to a lot of music. I like to be fed by my digging sessions. I’m always more productive after a visit to Doctor Vinyl or Crevette Records in Brussels. And then it’s just about being off of everything else for a few hours, to be really into my production process.

I really dig the selection of remix artists involved, Bell Towers and Betonkust. How did both artists get involved and what are your thoughts on their interpretations?

Jennifer & Noura asked me for a shortlist of my dream remixers and those two were on it. I’ve always admired their music and couldn’t be happier when I got the news they were remixing the EP. And the result is awesome! Betonkust did a crazy job, as he re-played all the stems. He didn’t want to use any of the original stems! Bell Towers re-interpretation is massive too. He perfectly integrated his unique touch to my music.

What’s your studio comprised of at the minute?

Here’s an exclusive picture of it right now haha! I’m working on my new solo live act and bought some new toys: OTO Machine BOUM, TR8s and a Moog Minitaur. I’m already in love with this new set up.

You’ve been keeping busy with your residency at Brussels’ Kiosk radio. Tell us a little about the focus of your musical direction for the monthly show.

My Kiosk radio show is all about eclecticism, but in a slower approach than a 3AM dj set. It’s a summary of my recent finds: disco, new beat, house, even ambient sometimes. It’s really showing my “music lover” side, in a wide way. Even in a club, I couldn’t be able to play a 100% techno or house set. I like to bring people with me in a rollercoaster journey.

We hear you’ve also started a residency as one of Brussel’s hottest night spots… Tell us more.

I know the C12 crew for quite some time now! They were running amazing parties in town before running the club. This team has a strong artistic vision and I could spend hours talking about music with them. But more than a club, it’s the cultural safe place Brussels was waiting for. So when they proposed me a regular night in their club, I said Y E S.

I’m now running regular parties in their second room C11 — it’s an intimate 350 people room with a perfect soundsystem. Every time I’m playing there, I can feel a special vibe. As a DJ, it’s the perfect set up. Clubbers are feeling the most subtle change in your set and that’s awesome.

Next edition is on June 22nd — I’ll be doing an all night B2B with Éclair Fifi. I’ll be celebrating my birthday too!

You’ll be curating a stage at Bordeaux Open Air. How did that project coming along, who did you invite on the billing and what do these artists bring to the plate for you personally?

The crew of Bordeaux Open Air contacted me a few months back and I really found this project super exciting: each sundays of this Summer is focused on one city and one curator: DJ Okapi for Johannesburg, Fred P for New York, Route 8 for Budapest, etc. The goal is not to bring the biggest name of our city, but some of the locals who are representing our city nightlife. And here some exclusive info for you, since the line up has not been announced yet, the Brussels edition line up: Kiosk Radio Soundsystem, Fais Le Beau and my brand new solo live act!

Kiosk is the best cultural initiative Brussels has seen those last years. The three guys are awesome dj’s too, so don’t miss them, Bordeaux! Fais Le Beau has the best name ever (Diego), is a super DJ and he’s throwing one of the hottest parties in Brussels: Gayhaze. Their line ups are always really on point and the atmosphere is craaaazy. On my side I’ll try out my brand new solo live act for the first time!

Next to that, your co-founded Biologic Records has been picking up its output the last few months. What’s there to expect and how is the releasing schedule shaping up for the rest of the year?

We’ve been quiet for a few months as Harold/Abstraxion with whom I run the label is now a DADDY! We have an superb release coming out on June 14 by Cooper Saver, remixed by Khidja and Abstraxion. We then have a new EP of our inhouse hero Panorama Channel. He will be back with Pletnev for a collaborative EP. We’re also working on a sub-label dedicated to re-issues. But more news about this soon.

What else is coming up in the nearby future?

I have some nice gigs coming up for these summer: My first time at Rex Club in Paris w/ Éclair Fifi and Jacques Greene, Dour Festival, Cabaret Vert and a special one in September at C12! of 2019 is also planned and will be released soon on Éclair Fifi’s new label River Rapid. I really can’t wait for this one to be out! On the production side, I’m working on finishing a new EP + a remix, while adding the final touches to my Solo Live act.

Anything you still dream of doing?

Traveling more thanks to my music. I love meeting cultures, people, discovering new music while traveling for a gig. On a more concrete side: a first gig at Panorama Bar?

Dawn Nostalgia is scheduled for release June 14th. Grab your copy via Beatport.