In Their Feelings label founder Davis, the driving force behind one of the arts collectives that has been redesigning São Paulo’s soundscape, debuts on Endless with a flawless variety of deep-delving house excursions.

Following his highly-praised releases on Live At Robert Johnson and Connaisseur Recordings, Davis docks on Endless with his ‘Watu’ EP, exhibiting an all too rare versatility as he reprograms his fusion of world music and electronica with maniacal attention to detail.

Watu and Forbidden provide the deepest and most melodic moments from the EP, while Yuma delves into darker waters, as a true techno masterpiece, with which Davis reaches the highest peak of tension and deservedly earns space in the peak time searches.

Endless’ head honcho Luca Bacchetti, captures the listener’s attention with a remix distinguished by percussive elements within an arrangement characterized by repeated changes of scene: just as the record appears to draw to a close, it surprises us again with another killer break.

Watu EP is scheduled for release November 3rd. Pre-order HERE.