As the world’s beaches gradually re-open, Cooper Saver returns to Internasjonal with his fittingly titled ‘Pacific Visions’ EP. 

Following a particular strong release schedule in 2019 – including EP contributions to Permanent Vacation, Internasjonal and Biologic Records – Cooper Saver shares his first extended player of the year. Re-emerging through Prins Thomas run record label Internasjonal, the LA-based producer presents 4 original slices primed for a non-happening festival season. From the high-intensity, contemporary Italo stylistics and void-entering dance floor hypnotica to breezy melody chuggers, the whole package is definitely worth to check!

Check out ‘Surfline Express’ in its full cosmic capacity below.

Listen on YouTube.

Pacific Visions is scheduled for release June 19th. Grab your copy HERE.