Fantastic Twins’ translucent Microdosing imprint returns with another set of spiritual healing weapons and sonic mind trips. Cooper Saver, Borusiade, Zillas On Acid and Scott Fraser are the latest to grace the record label’s various artists format.

We’re probably right in saying that Cooper Saver is experiencing quite the year. Between coordinating a string of quality EP outings, curating his co-run Far Away event series – the latest of which being a Buy Music Club fundraiser with none other than Avalon Emerson and Nathan Micay – and juggling a busy touring schedule, he’s certainly been making waves. His latest studio endeavour sees the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer debut on Fantastic Twins sonic healing platform Microdosing.

Following onwards from the first two volumes, the imprint returns with its third various artists EP, featuring music by the likes of Borusiade, Zillas On Acid, Scott Fraser and Cooper. We’ve the pleasure of airing the latter his contribution in its entirety here today. Titled ‘Phase 0’, the track embarks on an exploration through morphing rhythmics, interstellar soundscapes and zoned out minimalism. One for the dance floor droids.

“The only cure for pain is in the pain.”

Listen on YouTube.

Microdosing Vol. 3 is scheduled for release November 29th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.