Christian S delivers a masterful and eccentric ensemble of rhythm-focussed percussions, acid-flavoured synth arrangements and driving bass line constructions, as he turns to Permanent Vacation for the release of his latest EP.

Following his contribution to Permanent Vacation‘s annual V.A. compilation, Cómeme mainstay Christian S returns to the Munich-based power house in full eccentric fashion with a new 5-tracker. Titled “Tannin”, the record deftly weaves between psycho and percussion driven house cuts, injected with a steady dose of quirky chords and vivid synth arrangements. With the tracks being composed during different productive phases, the package sees Christian link up with the Cómeme crew and features Matias Aguayo, Sano and Korkut Elbay.

In front of the EP’s release – scheduled for July 19th – we caught up with the Cologne-based DJ and studio jammer to get some inside on his recent experience during Wildeburg festival in Holland, studio sessions, sound characteristics and the upcoming package.

Listen on YouTube.

Hey Christian, good having you here! What’s been happening and where do we find you today?

On a train between Dusseldorf and Cologne. These two cities are very close to each other – too close for some people but not for me. I go back and forth between every week. But my home is Cologne.

You’re fresh from playing Wildeburg festival in Holland – which is always a highlight of the Dutch festival season. Tell us a little about how the weekend went down and your experience there.

I already heard a lot of positive things about that festival and it was indeed quite impressive. Quite big, no visible sponsors or annoying marketing, a sweet crowd and good DJs everywhere. To me festivals sometimes feel like a mediaval gathering on a playground or like walking inside a huge train wreck mix, but on the actual dance floors the sound and vibe was really good. My slot was between heavyweight champions Optimo and DJ Boring so I was in excellent company and had fun!

After a period of intermission, you’re back with a new 5-track EP on Permanent Vacation. What do we find on there? And tell us a little about its cultivation.

The tracks are from quite different productive phases. The title track „Tannin“ is from a bunch of tracks quite raw and primitive in a way. They remind me a bit of going out in Cologne around 1999. We went every Friday to an infamous party called »Total Confusion« which was initiated by the Kompakt posse. It was all Techno, sweat an strobe. „Ritmo 6“ is a collaboration between Sano from Medellin  – who is also part of Cómeme – and me. We were jamming one night in autumn and recorded several tracks.

„Passant“ is a track which originated while travelling. And „Dancer“ is the oldest track. The original, which is not on the release, is 12min. I didn’t manage to cut the track to an approbate vinyl length so dear friend and favorite DJ Korkut Elbay took the scissor and edited without mercy. Finally my man Matias Aguayo added some funk and extra percussion.

As with your previous work, the record draws heavily on percussive elements and quirky rhythms. What attracts you most to these characteristics?

Thats what I like to play as a DJ. Hard hitting drums, dubby rhythms, change in repetition. Also I just love to play around with old analog drum machines. Nothing special I guess. Unfortunately I am not Mozart.

It’s quite the Cómeme affair with label affiliates Sano, Korkut Elbay and head honcho Matias Aguayo making appearances. How do these collaborative efforts influence workflow and creativity?

It’s really good  to be confronted with different ideas, different vibes and sounds. I love that. Most of the tracks (ideas) evolve real quickly while playing around. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it’s always fun to jam.

What does a typical Cómeme member studio session look like?

I don’t know – I would like to do music with all the other Cómeme artists but I haven’t. Most of the time they are so far away, living all over the world. But I guess typical for most Cómemes is that we prefer to play and mix down live. That we don’t „construct“ arrangements while moving around rectangles in a DAW. There’s nothing wrong with that though.

Your original work has mostly been reserved for home turf Cómeme. Tell us about your connection to Tom and Benji, and how the whole idea of a release on Permanent Vacation came about.

They asked me for a contribution to their Permanent Vacation Compilation #5 and I showed them a folder full of tracks. They liked a lot and took one track for the compilation and five more for a 12“. I was bit unsure because the tracks were so different (to me) and from different times, but now I am very happy with the overall outcome. I really like the mastering by Lopazz and the artwork that Berlin based artist Annika Albrecht did for me is perfect! Also I want to say thank you to Benji and Tom for their patience and everything else.

What’s been keeping you busy outside of music?

Love, family, graphics, taekwondo, fixing scooter engine, a black cat and lectures on visual music. Talking to Agaves.

What else is coming up the following months?

The real world.

Tannin is scheduled for release July 19th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.