Following the release of her ground-shivering ‘Endless Revisions’ LP from 2017, Chloé’s third album takes on different shapes and forms as Lumière Noire sets out to release its first live recordings. A multi-faceted Pandora’s box of mysterious drifts, including an exclusive addition titled ‘Moonscape’

Chloé broadened are minds in 2017 with the release of her third studio album ‘Endless Revisions’ on Lumière Noire. Performed over a year at events such as Nuits Sonores, Sónar, The Peacock Society, and festivals such as Marsatac, Musilac and Colors of Ostrava, Endless Revisions’ live performance has never stayed static. Motivated by this continuing development, the Paris-based multitalent shares the album’s first live recordings in all its different shapes and forms.

At nearly 50 minutes, the recording is a multi-faceted Pandora’s box of mysterious drifts and captivating moments that detaches itself from singular motions in order to conquer new territories. You’ll find ‘Moonscape’, an exclusive track created during the performance series, here below for your listening pleasure. Good stuff!

Endless Revisions Live is scheduled for release January 11th. Grab your copy HERE