The world of Moscoman’s innovative Disco Halal record label keeps spinning in fast rotation, as Tel Aviv producer Chaim returns to the imprint with his “Your Mulana” EP. A four track EP featuring his trademark enchanting and organic sound, together with a remix contribution from Trikk.

Once again Chaim creates memorable soundtracks as he serves up his latest outing on Disco Halal. “Imagine yourself on beach in North Africa, eating with your hands, maybe some bread, a dish of beautiful fish in a famous spicy red sauce. The wind is hot, there is no way to cool yourself down, but sweat!” Your Mulana opens and is a deep tune with vocal chants drifting up top as rugged bass riffs and metallic drums get you in the groove. Trikk’s remix is just as spiritual, with withering lead synths and vocal chants all bringing a middle-eastern feel to the melodic house sounds.

Ventilator Feat. Roei D picks up the pace with more driving drums but again an intoxicating and exotic sense of melody that is truly fresh, and finally Toriaz Feat Motum gets a little darker, with sheet metal sounds rippling over the drums and working into a frenzy, before drunken bass falls about the mix and clipped vocals bring a sense of jack.

Your Mulana is scheduled for release November 9th on Disco Halal. Pre-order HERE.