Following a stellar EP release by Julian Stetter, RSS Disco’s Mireia Records returns with another winner. This time London-based duo Casino Times takes the lead with two original cuts and additional remixes by Filburt, Rigopolar and Conga Fever.

As the project spearheaded by Nicholas Church and Joseph Spencer, Casino Times has been putting out quality productions for close to a decade. Following releases on Needwant, Omena and their own Casino Edits, the duo debuts on Hamburg-based record label Mireia Records. Demonstrating their cunning yet natural and flowing sound over the course of two originals, the package features remixes by Filburt, Rigopolar and Conga Fever.

Leading the string of remixes is Mireia’s own Conga Fever. Taking cues from Belgian New Beat while sounding unconditionally modern at the same time, Conga Fever has crafted a bona fide festival anthem. After confidently building up tension and taking his time in the breakdown, the remix manages to release an incredible amount of energy.

Listen on YouTube.

Rush / Kawai is scheduled for release October 18th. Grab your copy HERE.