Following the stellar trip through Woo’s Arcturian Corridor, Quindi Records in collaboration with the Bologna cultural and events group LEDX, continues to explore intimate, inviting sounds with an experimental bent by facilitating the return of overlooked Italian duo Cabaret du Ciel.

Initially formed in 1986, Cabaret du Ciel’s debut album ‘Skies In The Mirror’ was a low-key and extremely rare cassette release of spellbinding electro-acoustic ambient music created by Gian Luigi Morosin and Andrea Desiderà. A reissue on Hybride Sentimento in 2018 brought renewed attention to the startling music contained within this unique project.

‘The Breath Of Infinity’ is an album comprised of new works recorded over the past year, either as new pieces or reworked from old ideas with the assistance of Giorgio Ricci. Morosin and Desiderà’s natural instincts as multi-instrumentalists shine through across the record as previous displayed on ‘Skies in the Mirror’. Beautiful trips to get lost in. TIP!

Listen on YouTube.

The Breath Of Infinity is scheduled for release January 15th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.