When two guys collide in cosmic paradise, very special things happen. Black Spuma, otherwise known as regular transcendental misfits Phillip Lauer and Fabrizio Mammarella, come correct with a new EP of enchanted grooves for Futureboogie.

Breaking their run of EPs on International Feel, Lauer and Fabrizio Mammarella reunite as Black Spuma with a trio of cuts on Futureboogie Recordings. The title track, is a throbbing, pulsating, bit-crunching beast of a track. A full mind and body workout that evokes the darker shades of early acid and new beat. ‘Agguato’ also packs a punch, with heavy drums sequences resonating throughout, whilst waves of hedonistic tones cut through feint melodicas and space invader tropes for a mind melting moment.

Never to end on a whimper, ‘Adamantine’ goes out with a bang, with an ecstatically buoyant rhythm section and glacial melodies that’ll be transporting you back to the bright neon lights and dry ice of some long forgotten 80’s sweatbox.

Listen on YouTube.

Crunch Level is scheduled for release September 13th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.