Adana Twins’ formidable TAU returns with a new collaboration EP by Biesmans and Vandesande. Hitting the sweet spot between urgency and a diverse range of cosmic moods, the 3-track EP sees the duo explore the sonic fringes of euphoria-infused electronic music.

Whilst the vibrant TAU imprint continues to slingshot highly potent material into the universe, the Adana Twins headed record label serves up its third outing of the year courtesy of Joris Biesmans and Damien Vandesande. Both artists used to have their studios at the same place in Berlin, where Vandesande got to work as part of widely-regarded performers dOP. Meanwhile Biesmans, originally from Belgium, is relatively new to the scene and releases his music on labels like Correspondant and Watergate.

Exploring the sonic fringes of euphoria-infused electronic music, the first collaborative work from the duo is nothing short of spectacular. The collection of tracks manage to hit the sweet spot with urgency and a diverse, impactful range of cosmic moods. Big package!

Inglorious Express is scheduled for release March 20th. Grab your copy HERE.