Straight from Buenos Aires, producer on the rise Balam shares his musical vision on Esthetique Records with the 6-track Chamán’ EP. Drawing inspiration from the Mayan’s culture, Balam captures the perfect artefact as the organic sounds collides with electronic music. It’s a shamanic voyage into the deep where Votan – a mayan god of heart and drum – take you for a tribal dance.

With a slew of releases on Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood and his very own Ombra International, the New Yorker/Berlin based Curses should definitely ring a bell. He captures the original’s shamanic feel, as he extends ‘Buho’ into a high tension ride. The EP will be released on a very limited batch of cassettes with artwork by French designer Aurelie Garnier, including a remix from K-Effect.

Chamán is scheduled for release March 12th. Pre-order at Bandcamp.