Armonics skillfully traverses early ’90s Dream House, Chicago leanings and Italo Disco, as the Italian DJ and Producer lands on Massimiliano Pagliara’s Funnuvojere Records with his four-track Starlight Keeper’ package.

Number five of Funnuvojere Records‘ catalogue comes directly from the depth of the Bari (Italy) province. Written and produced by Francesco Strippoli, aka Armonics, the four track package follows his recently released long player on Slow Motion Records. Titled Starlight Keeper’, the EP forges sonic bridges between ’90s Dream House, Chicago and Italo Disco and aims towards different stages of the night.

Our pick of the bunch comes in the form of B1 Living Waves’. Other than the frantic stylistics of its A-side predecessors, the track carries ethereal, almost buoyant, synth layers through its entirety that gracefully twist and turn around vibrant drum sequences.

Listen on YouTube.

Starlight Keeper is scheduled for release March 18th. Grab your copy HERE.