Dreamy textures, emotive synths, intricate drum patterns and some occasional acid drops. Barcelona-based Nebulae Records kicks off the new year with an extensive various artists package, featuring music by Trudge, Placid One, Low Tape and Arctor, among others.

True to form, Nebulae Records named the cosmic body of work after the brightest supernove remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud, approximately 160000 light-years from Earth. Although stationed a bit closer to one another, the EP contains a fine selection of artist from around the globe, offering a wide palette of sonic emotions. Next to contributions from the likes of Low Tape, Trudge and Placid One, we’ve the pleasure of airing Arctor‘s track ‘Phoebus Cartel’ in full here today.

With a multitude of releases under his belt for his own Tremors label, Glasgow-based DJ and producer Arctor debuts on Nebulae in trademark fashion, as he delivers a propulsive and ethereal piece of spacey breaks.

Listen on YouTube.

N49 is scheduled for release January 31st. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.