German big room operatives Adana Twins return to their TAU imprint with a futuristic brew of dance floor focussed electronica. With the EP marking the label’s first anniversary, the duo reflect on one year of TAU, and talk about their recent Cercle show, Picture release for Dynamic and upcoming package.

Since the launch of TAU, the record label headed by Adana Twins has seen a steady stream of quality outings from a wide array of upcoming talents. Kicking off with an excellent EP from Innellea, late 2018, the catalog so far includes music by the likes of Glowal, BOg, Upercent, Ede and Rico Puestel, among others. With the imprint reaching its 10th release, the Hamburg-based head honchos take charge and deliver a diverse three-tracker, featuring high quality dance floor melodics aimed towards different stages of the night.

Starting off with ‘D.J.A.M.H.’, the duo get straight into it with a stirring analogue bassline that pulsates with dark intent, before Ridoutt’s vocals kick into gear. Next up, ‘Maya’, hits hard from the outset with its jabbing beats. And lastly, ‘Spaceman’ turns things gnarly with its grumbling bassline and slapfunk beats. In Adana Twins fashion, the duo create a captivating melody that prances above the low end, enchanting the listener and whisking them away to a dreamland.

Welcome gents, pleasure having you! What’s been happening and where do we find you today?

Lots of stuff has been happening. We are touring around the world and probably had the best year of our career so far 🙂 Today we are in Guadalajara, Mexico to play an extended set at Bar Americas. It seems that we have to go straight from the club to the airport to fly to our next destination: Medellin, Colombia.

It’s been a highlight-filled couple of months for you guys. One of which being the recent Cercle show at Palais Longchamp. Tell us a little about that experience. Must have been quite a special one..

Yes it was really special for us. Playing for Cercle is maybe one of the biggest things at the moment. It’s simply fantastic what the guys build up in such a short time and we are really happy to be a part of this story. The crowd was super nice and we were given all the freedom we needed.

As many would know, you’re the founders of TAU. Making its debut late 2018, the record label has made quite a prominent impact already. How did the whole idea of starting TAU come into play, how did it develop from there, and what was the impetus behind starting the label?

At the beginning we had the plan to open a club called TAU. The name TAU is German and means something like rope. We came up with the name because the club was supposed to be at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg in the red light district. The name „Reeperbahn” is coming from the ‘Reepschläger’ the people who were making the ropes on this long street for the ships in Hamburgs port. There were some issues and we had to bury the idea of opening the club. That said, we still loved the Name TAU and we always wanted to start a label. In 2018 we had the feeling that it was finally the right time to do it. And yes it was the best decision ever and we are really happy how everything developed. After just 10 releases we can say that we found our own TAU sound that we will shape and develop in the next years.

A little over a year since launching TAU, the label is about to celebrate its 10th release with a supremely tasty three-tracker from your good selves. What do we find on there and tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the record.

You will find 3 tracks that were made for the dancefloor, but not all of them are made for the peak-time. The EP itself has various influences from Disco, Indie, Funk and some Acid vibes in D.J.A.M.H. The inspiration behind it was to create something that could on a soundtrack of an old vintage horror film. I think this really fit well to D.J.A.M.H. and Maya. We have this nickname for ‘Spaceman’ when we play it – it’s the Tetris song 😉 We are really happy about the vocal on D.J.A.M.H. In the first demo versions we always used a movie sample from John Carpenter, but thought that we needed something more special. Vocals that were specifically recorded for the track. So we asked our friend Ridoutt who has an amazing voice and who is an avid reader. We showed him the track and it didn’t take long before he came up with the vocals from one of his favourite books ‘The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hide’ which funnily was also the inspiration for Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

As with your recent Picture release for Dynamic, the diversity on the package is prominently appeared, whilst still sounding extremely attached to each other. Tell us a little about that composition of influences and about the different approaches you’ve been exploring recently.

The Picture EP shows our love for Techno, Funk and Disco and the variety you can expect when we play all-night long sets. It was really important for us to show the sounds we love to play without sounding too different. ‘My Computer’ was a last minute thing… The Instrumental was already finished since 6 months or so, but we always had the feeling something is missing. So we showed it to a few friends and all of them said: “Vocals! This track needs a vocal.” And yes they were right. So we started thinking who we could work with and suddenly we had Glowal on our mind. The rest is history.

You’ve been making music in various forms for quite a while now. Could you give us an insight into your collaborative process? Is there a certain roll division when it comes to composing tracks? How do things usually progress from an idea to getting the actual arrangements lined-up? And what piece of gear has been key to your work lately?

Sometimes we work together sometimes we work separately. After all these years we know each other very well and we know what we like and what we don’t like. This makes it easy for us to be fast and efficient. There are no fixed roles in the production process. We both love to make music and bring our own ideas in, which we then melt into the final track. When it comes to gear we do almost everything in the box with plug-ins from TAL, Native or U-HE.

In regard to running TAU, how do you manage the curation side of things? What are you looking for music and artist-wise? And has having your own music outlet changed the way you approach listening to music?

We love it to find young and upcoming artists that fit our taste and we love to give them a platform. On the curation side of things we have an amazing team behind us that works in the background so we can focus 100 percent on the creative and musical process. I think our label didn’t change the way we listen to music. But it’s the perfect platform to do what we love and to release all kinds of stuff that matches our taste.

Aside from music, what peaks your interest on a day-to-day base and gets your gears fired-up? 

Movies, art and books!

What else is coming up for Adana Twins and TAU?

There’s a lot of stuff coming soon. In the next month you can expect releases and remixes on TAU from The Cheapers, Echonomist, Ditian, Mulya, Joris Biesmans and a secret collabo partner, Amberoom, Dave DK, Underspreche and much more. We will now also work on label showcases to the label’s artists a bigger platform beside their releases. We also have a few things lined up of course, but nothing we’re allowed to talk about just yet. Be surprised very soon! 🙂

Offline is scheduled for release November 22nd. Grab your copy HERE.