Following up the first ever vinyl release from Amateur Music earlier this year, we had a little chat with Sigward about the release, label and his future plans, together with the digital premiere of his track “SVNTN”.

As co-owner of Amateur Music, next to Gisberto, Oliver Sudden and Kenny, the The Hague based producer and DJ had his first major breakthrough back in 2014, with the release of his Black Mamba EP on Something Happening Somewhere, run by Nuno Dos Santos. Now with releases on Correspondant, Beachcoma and a stage hosting with Amateur Music at Paradigm Festival this summer, Sigward is well on the way to make a name for himself. For the premiere we had a little talk with Sigward.

Hi Sigward, congratulations with the fifth release, and first vinyl release on your label Amateur Music. Can you talk us true the release?

Thanks! Every track on this record was finished and mastered 2 years ago but it took us some time to get the distribution sorted. I was also working on a new visual style for the label at the time.

As co-owner of Amateur Music, can you tell us something about the idea behind the label?

When we started we really just wanted an output for music by our friends and us and I think it will stay this way for now. I’m sure we’ll also release stuff from other artists in the future (we received some pretty cool demos) but we’re not actively looking for new talent.

Next to the tracks from Fairmont, Mattheis, Duyster and Gisberto, on the EP. Can you give us a little inside view on your own track “SVNTN”?

This track was made over 2 years ago so I’m not quite sure about this, but I think it started out as an experiment to make something industrial sounding without it being too repetitive. So I heavily processed and automated most of the sounds.

Last November, you made the announcement that you’re working on a new EP. Are there any new developments you can share? And what’s in store for Sigward the following moths?

Besides working on a new EP I’m also working on 3 remixes which will be released over the next half year. I’ve also got another release planned with Beachcoma and I’m working on some abstract sound design stuff for an art project. I’ll be DJ-ing in the Marktkantine on March 4th with Stephan Bodzin, Christian Loffler, Steve Rachmad and Marvin & Guy.

What can we expected from Amateur Music in the future?

We’re planning to do one more release later this year. Can’t really share anything about that yet. In august we’ll be hosting a stage at Paradigm Festival in Groningen, one of our favorite spots in NL. More news about that soon.

Next to Sigward’s “SVNTN”, the compilation EP contains tracks by none other than Fairmont, Mattheis, Gisberto and Duyster. Digital release March 29.

Photo credit Sigward: Ramona Deckers Photography.