With Lines’ debut release firmly climbing the road to prestige, Malbetrieb’s imprint readies itself for it’s second outing. This time Italian-based producer Guido Cusani takes the forefront with his “Planets & Consonants” EP, including remixes by Patlac and Noraj Cue.

Malbetrieb‘s freshly founded record label Lines readies itself for it’s second release. With the label’s debut release – the “Sleep Disorder” EP by Jolar Drim – still steady climbing the charts, Italian producer Guido Cusani takes to the forefront with his “Planets & Consonants” EP. On it, two original cuts and remixes by Patlac – which we’re premiering today – and Noraj Cue.

The Hamburg-based DJ, producer and remix specialist Patlac, has been making a name for himself with his unique approache to Deep House. With Connaisseur Recordings, Endless and RePublik Music, being just a small selection of record labels whom released his work, his forward-moving grooves and emotional sound have reached far and wide into the electronic music scene.

This remix of Guido Cusani’s track “Turn Out Alone” shows a slightly different side from Patlac however. Maintaining his trademark forward-moving groove, the remix has a small tilt towards Techno. Patlac adds layer upon layer, slowly building the track’s tension over the quirky synths. We had a little chat with him about it, his ADE experience and recent signing to Watergate.

Hi Patrick, congratulations on releasing yet another great remix! Can you talk us true the track?

Thank you! I think it’s a bit different to my last remixes, a little bit more toolish and a small slope to Techno.

The remix is part of Lines’ second release – Malbetrieb’s new record label. How did this come into play?

I knew Niels musically for a long time but we never met each other. In February this year we played together in Amsterdam for the first time. He told me about the idea of his new label, showed me the tracks which i liked a lot … easy way!

You’ve just released a solo EP on RePublik Music Records. What’s the difference between your approach in the studio whilst working on original Patlac material and the remixes you do?

It’s a totally different way of to start working. with the remixes you get prefabricated material, with your own stuff you start from scratch. Only this approach can push you in a total different way.

For remixes I always start playing around with the files I get, or sometimes I just build a new groove around them. Every remix is a unique creative project for me, I try to build something different with it,  because I’m not a fan of using the same grooves under different material.

With your own material you have more freedom but also more doubts. To find the point to say “that’s it” is the hardest step. Lots of my own stuff came up in Jam sessions and at some point I find something I like and then it flows into a new track.

A couple of weeks ago, you played multiple gigs during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. How was your visit to Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is always great. It’s a beautiful city and filled with super friendly people always give me a positive feeling. The gigs I played were great, as expected. Amsterdam / the Netherlands have a great open minded crowd and the event productions and promoters are super professional. Nothing to add!

You’re the newest edition to Watergate’s W-Agency. Tell us something about your connection with Watergate?

Since 2012 I play nearly regular in the club. Got to know all the people working there. I was very happy that they asked me to join the family after my agency closed its doors. Much looking forward to the things coming!

What will the singing to Watergate mean for you? And where will you be focusing on in the near future?

That means to me, working with a super professional and friendly team of awesome minds, surrounded by great artists in a nice atmosphere. And what the future brings… we will see. I always try to give my best!

Lines will release the “Planets & Consonants” EP on November 25th.