Although it’s nearly two weeks after the DGTL mayhem started, we pay one last tribute to the two-day spectacle. With the huge amount of quality music being played there, it really wouldn’t do justice to present a top 10. Instead, we highlighted some tracks we personally really enjoyed hearing during the event, including tacks by Bicep, Tale Of Us, Maceo Plex, Recondite, Konstantin Sibold and Trikk. Next to that we provided a playlist containing other tracks, which were played at DGTL Festival 2016 and we really enjoyed as well. Playlist at the bottom.

1.Isaac Tichauer Higher Level (Bicep Remix)

Played by several DJ at DGTL Festival, including Âme [DJ], The Drifter and Bicep self, the track definitely was one of our highlights during the two-day event. With the equal beautiful original coming from Isaac Tichauer, the duo transformed the track to a pumping peak time treat. Vinyl released on April 4, the digital release it set on April 22.

2. Alex Smoke – Dire Need (Tale Of Us Remix)

After the release of Alex Smoke’s “Love Over Will” LP in January, Italian super duo Tale Of Us introduced us to their version of his track “Dire Need”. Played Maceo Plex Saturday and their performance on Sunday, their take on the original was a very welcomed one. Due to release April 15 via R&S Records. Video of it getting played by Maceo Plex here.

 3. Maceo Plex – Polygon Pulse (Original Mix)

Dropped by Maceo Plex during his performance at the Ellum stage on Saturday, this offbeat beauty, assisted by its emotional vocal chords, really got the crowd going. Track on Soundcloud here. Video of Maceo Plex playing it here.

 4. Konstantin Sibold – Mutter (Original Mix)

Being a highlight in sets from several big DJ’s over the last few months, Konstantin Sibold’s “Mutter” lived up to his name once again. We caught it being played during the performances from Maceo Plex and Adriatique and both times the room exploded due to its trance like feel and heavy bassline. Assisted by a Beatless Version, “Mutter” sees the light on the Running Back imprint. Video of Adriatique playing it here.

5. Patrice Baumel – Surge (Original Mix)

Surge found its way into the sets from several DJ’s on both days and very well could be one of the most played tracks of DGTL Festival 2016. However, the track didn’t lose its power on the dancefloor and got a very good reaction out of the crowd every time it got played. Released on March 25 via Kompakt Extra.

6. Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)

Absolute timeless remix from James Holden. Played by Tale Of Us, this classic still has the power to unite thousands of people at once. What a track! Released back in 2014 via Border Community. Video of Tale Of Us playing it here.

7. Recondite – Warg (Original Mix)

Released on Hotflush Recordings last month, Recondite’s “Warg” is crowd favorite number one. Dropped by the men himself during his live performance on Saturday, the track really worked the crowd with its emotional synths and heavy snare drum. Video of Recondite playing it here.

8. Trikk – Proto-Rhyt (Original Mix)

With the Dixon and Âme seal of approve, Trikk’s upcoming track “Proto-Rhyt” defintly was one of the tracks that caught attention. Played by Âme [DJ] during his performance at the Maeve stage on Sunday, the trippy soundscape of the track was a real delight to witness on such a good sound system. Forthcoming on LossLess. (Catch it at minute 4:20 in the video)

9. Frank Wiedemann – Moorthon II (Original Mix)

Next to Wiedemann playing it during his live performance on Friday’s opening night, “Moorthon II” set the tone for many sets during the two-day festival. Clocking in at almost 9 minutes, the stunning synth work did his work like a charm. Released on March 19 via Innervisions.

10. Boris Werner – Set It Off (Makam Orchestra Drama Remix)

This one couldn’t be let out. This time in the form of Makam’s “Orchestra Drama Remix” of Boris Werner’s track “Set It Off”, the house classic always manages to demolish the room. Played by Makam during his performance at the Digital stage on Sunday, the energy that this beauty aroused was unbelievable.

Playlist: DGTL Festival 2016 – Amsterdam

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Photo credit: Tim Buiting Photography & Film.