Italian duo Younger Than Me kicks off the year strong with some exciting news surrounding Tusk Wax’ sub-label 90’s Wax and shares a track in front of their second record on the UK-based imprint.

Remember that 90’s Wax debut release from last year? We do! Four tracks of heavy-fueled nineties rave euphoria rapped into a contemporary setting with a high enough octane level to burn every dance floor to a crisp. Previous released as a ‘Unknown Artist’ outing, we’re stoked to bring you the guys responsible for the project, as they make their second appearance on the Tusk Wax sub-label with another set of goodies.

Casually strolling out of the shadows are the Italian Younger Than Me guys! With an especially solid year behind them, releasing a highly-lauded EP on SHMLSS’ XXX record label and Tusk Wax, the Milan-based duo opens up about the 90’s Wax project, their second outing on the label, connection to Amsterdam and things to come.

Welcome guys, good having you here! How have you been and where do we find you today?

Hello, we’re glad to be here! We really love your work and LIQUID YOUTH. We are currently recovering from the Christmas and NYE holidays. We had a lot of traditional food and spent time with our Italian families. Now ready to work again!

You’ve some exciting news to share, but before diving into that let’s reflect on 2018 a bit, which has been an amazing year for you with some very well-received releases on the XXX label, Tusk Wax and their 90’s Wax sub-label. Must feel good?

Yes, it was a really good year for us. After 4 years since we started this project, the past 12 months were very intense. We feel the Younger Than Me project finally has an own sound identity and perhaps an idea of what you can expect if you come to listen to our music. It’s also weird because in those releases you can find 5 different “genres” of music, but who likes genres anyway? Music is music and this is Younger Than Me’s identity… without scheme, genres or classification.

I have to say guys, I felt a heavy Younger Than Me presence in Amsterdam this year. Not all that surprising with releases on Bordello A Parigi and XXX, next to keeping close ties to both crews. Tell us a little about your connection to the city and experiences with the scene here.

Yeah it’s nice how we have this connection with Holland, our first and second release was for Bordello a Parigi, last year we released on the XXX label from SHMLSS and in 2019 we’ll stamp for BAR record, the new label from the Rotterdam crew. We really love the whole Dutch scene, you have the cool clubs, strong labels, best festivals and great channels and magazine. We are true fans and a little jealous of your exciting scene. Last time that we played in Amsterdam was at Thuishaven for the winter opening and it was amazing! We played everything we wanted and the crowd was very receptive.

Are there any other personal highlights that you’ll carry into 2019 with especially warm memories?

Last year we started touring a bit more and discovered new places like Lithuania for example. We definitely fell in love with it.. the people are so friendly and super curious to listen your music and this made us really happy! We love that kind of vibe! Renate in Berlin is another cool spot where we always feel at home, they are a proper family. We played there twice in past and excited to go back in a couple of months. We also started our residency in Dude club Milan and recently a collaboration with Orchid AM Agency.

The reason why we’re here today; 90’s Wax! Previously released as an unknown artist outing, you guys are ready to lift the mystery surrounding that extremely well-received debut EP. Tell us a little about the development of the EP and why you initially chose to release it without the Younger Than Me label attached to it.

Yes! Finally, after one year from the first release, we can finally announce that Younger Than Me is behind the 90’s Wax project. With 90’s Wax we wanted to bring back some smiles and good vibes onto the dance floor. We are sons of the 90s, with all its facets, and the way to approach clubbing at the time was with a smile, that’s why it was a very used symbol in artwork and flyers. We were mainly inspired by the UK ravers scene, Guerrilla Records, R&S, Xl Rec, ect. We tried to actualize it without taking away the party mood! This is 90’s Wax pure rave euphoria!

As first release of Tusk Wax’s sub-label 90’s, can you shine some light on how the whole idea of starting a new label for the release came into play with the Tusk Wax crew?

So before the first 90’s Wax release, we already booked our Tusk Wax 27. We worked on these tracks at the time and thought if we could release those on Tusk Wax as well? The label already had a sub label named Horn Wax and Trance Wax. We talked with the Tusk guys about the idea, and he suggested to release the first one without name for 2 reasons; firstly because in the same year our Tusk Wax was out, and secondly because it’s always a good idea to create some Unknown Artist hype for the start of a new project, like Trance Wax did in the past.

The label’s outset is to revitalise 90’s rave classics with a new spin. Tell us a little about your own background and connection to the 90’s rave era and your first encounters with those tracks.

As we told you before, we are sons of 90’s. We are ravers first and when we went to a party we went with a smile, a lot of energy and positive mindset. With this project we want to try to revitalize, not just the sound, but the spirt of those years. In our sets, we play a lot of jams from the 90’s, strong but happy, crazy but also full of soul.

Now, a year later, the second record of the 90’s Wax series is about to hit the shelves. Did you approach this record any different than the first one?

In the second outing, we explored the same scene but in other countries like Belgium, perhaps the most representative country of the movement, but also Germany and not to mention the Italian scene with Francesco Farfa, Insomnia Disco, ect.

How did you guys go about choosing the tracks that you wanted to work on and reimagine for the second outing?

We would like to clarify that all 90’s Wax stuff is original work, not edits. But for sure, inspiration is an important step to do this, not only for these releases but for all our stuff. Listening to music is a very important thing.

Will we see Younger Than Me return for the third outing any time soon?

Of course mate! We trust in this project and in our scope to put more smiles on the dance floor, so take your favorite sneakers and come to dance with us <3

What else can we expect from Younger Than me in the near future?

For sure some new releases like the one on BAR Records. An EP for a new series on Nein Records called Nein Black. A couple of remixes for Duro and Dogs & Vultures and also we are thinking to do our first album and a live set, but at the moment it’s only a thought. We hope to find a lot of possibilities to spread our music around. We love play, it’s our lifeblood! We are working with a good friend and amazing artist on a new EP “Wave Rave“ but that’s just a draft at the moment. Hope you we’ll have more news about that the near future. Thanks for everything, Ciao! Francesco & Marcello YTM