Laid-back sceneries of sun-drenched memories, careless moments and camcorder errors. New Hook shares a vibrant new video following the release of their debut track “FXART” on Riotvan.

Say hi to New Hook, an all-female power-force with a heavy leaning towards experimental and contagious formulas that revives steady eighties vibes and bundles it with a contemporary urgency and attitude. Following their debut release “FXART” on Peter Invasion and Panthera Krause‘s always delightful Riotvan record label, the trio returns with a new video for the recently released outing, which was part of the imprint’s “Familiar Faces Nº2” various artists EP alongside tracks from Perel, Black Spuma, Jennifer Touch, Chinaski and Panthera Krause. For the occasion, we fired some questions across the web covering the project’s origin, story behind the new video and things to come.

Welcome Juliane, Linda and Ilka, good having you here! How have you been, and what did your day look like today?

Thanks for inviting us. Up to now we had an amazing day and now we are answering your questions. Let’s see if we can keep that way.

Before diving head first into the new video, can you shine some light on how the female power-force New Hook came to be?

We have known each other for a long time and there was this one night, where we all went out and partied together. After a few drinks we had the hilarious idea of having a band project together (like so many other drunken people, hahahaha) and we came up with the name „New Hook“. 5 years have passed and nothing has happened.Than, about 2 years ago we found ourselves at a turning point, each one for herself. So it was up to us to rewrite our story.

In that moment we remembered that dizzy night five years back. The night of the crackpot idea. There was only a little problem, Ilka and Jule hadn’t had any previous musical experience. Only Linda used to make music before. Well, that didn’t stop us from producing 3 Songs together during the first night. New Hook was born!

New Hook_Photo by © Felix Adler

Following your debut release on Riotvan, last October, you’re back with a new video for “FXART”. What sparked the idea for making the video?

We have this ‘Video Klub’ project on the side. It’s about dealing with the memories, you collect on your mobile phones. Each of us has got millions of little sequences, we made through the years which usually get lost into oblivion. So it was tempting to combine this visual sequences with our music.

Tell us a little about the scenes we see in there – when and where are they recorded, and was there a general feel you wanted to bring over with the movie?

The single sequences of the video are personal memories. You can see relaxed seconds of our lives. The sequences are showing situations where people do something together and live in the moment and let their selves go. The other part consists of staged shots, which were made in our studio with a camcorder from the 90s this year. When transferring the data from the camcorder to the computer an error occurred. We were so impressed by this error that we wanted to use it for the video. That’s the way we are doing things. We like to make mistakes because that keeps things way more interesting and sometimes this can make things pretty pretty as well. It’s about having the guts to do things you want to do without comparing it to others.

It’s wonderful to create something in a professional way but it needs time to get there…to become professional. If you do it with an unbiased almost childish point of view, you have the opportunity to create something from the inside of yourself, totally ignoring common rules and standards. Like our way to produce music, the arrangement of the video is very intuitive. We didn’t plan anything. It just grows in that particular moment. So it ́s hard to explain. Maybe it’s living the moment, not thinking about tomorrow, appreciating what life holds, knowing that highs and lows don’t go one without the other, and spreading love and light.

What’s coming up in the world of New Hook?

In 2019 we want to develop the project in so many ways. That means writing new songs, producing more video Besides playing concerts we want establish New Hook within the club scene, broaden our DJ-skills and create a NEW HOOK hybrid DJ-set. Also important for the future is to cooperate with many many other people, artists, DJ’s, Kids, friends etc. As you see there are many ideas Enough about us.

We hope you enjoy the video. Cheers!

Check out Riotvan’s Familiar Faces Nº2 release and grab your copy via Bandcamp.