Tom Bioly talks about combining cotton wool and fluffy cloud surroundings with dirt, noise and distortion, his studio set up and Permanent Vacation, as he returns to the record label with his upcoming “Night Heat” EP. A collection of four tracks carrying his trademark dreamlike textures.

Permanent Vacation co-founder TB has been circling our radar with high anticipation ever since Job Jobse dropped his “Invitation To Love” during one of those magical Trouw op Zondag early morning sessions back in the day. Combining the power of free-floating atmospheres, ethereal chords and emotionally layered landscapes with just enough power to let you punch your fists firmly into the smoke-filled night, his sound effortlessly glides towards a world on its own.

After last year’s very well received “Heartbreak Hotel” 2 x 12″, we’re very happy to see the Tom Bioly initials return on another Permanent Vacation record, as the record label preps itself for the release of his “Night Heat” EP. A selection of wave house, disco noir, acid love, and an all Roland gear slo-mo session of the early nineties trance-rave classic “Schöneberg” by Marmion. Gerd Janson noted “sounds good” when he dropped it at Sven Väth’s party on Ibiza.

Welcome Tom, good having you here! First off the usual icebreaker, how have you been and where do we find you today?

Hello Joe, many thanks for the invite! I’ve been very well. Had a lazy weekend with my family, and just arrived at the PV Office.

You’ve been quite the busy man lately, with Permanent Vacation’s catalogue steadily cruising along, Compost Records’ just releasing the 14th instalment of their FSOJ series, which you and Benji put together, and now another solo EP coming up early next month. Must feel good?

Oh yes, you’re right. Last week Friday the TB records arrived from the pressing plant. I am quite unrelaxed when I open packages from the pressing plant, hoping it all looks and sounds good… And yes, I’ve to say, I’m very happy with the outcome! Sure, compiling the FSOJ compilation was a fantastic experience and a great honour. For me it’s one of the best compilation series within the electronic music genres and it was a pleasure working together with the Compost crew.

So, let’s dive straight into your upcoming “Night Heat” EP. Having released two EP’s on Permanent Vacation already, how did you approach this new record and can you tell us more about its development over time?

After the Heartbreak Hotel 2 x 12”, I did work on about 7-8 tracks. Once they’re in a quite ok arrangement state I sent them to Bostro and Benji. With their feedback I decide what to use for the next EP, and finish the tracks. Lopazz then did the final mixdown and mastering.

As with your previous records, the sound showcased on the EP has an unbelievable sense of coherency to it. Very detailed textures, together with a dreamlike ambience. Is there any type of personal mood that lays at the base of that sound and gets your creative juices flowing?

Yes I guess it must be like that. It seems to be my style, even if I try to make something differently, in the end it does have this kind of sound and mood. I’m interested in layering powder, cotton wool, fluffy cloud surroundings and combining it with dirt, noise, distortion or resonance, if that makes sense. And of course, like right now listening to Julia Holter’s new album, while doing the interview.. I simply like a lot of music, which tends to be a bit in that direction, speaking of dreamlike ambience and moods.

With the very little info that is available on you online, I’m very interested to hear what your studio setup looks like at the moment. Any piece of gear in there that you’ll never get tired of?

My bedroom studio is rather tiny, little space in Munich; so the gear needs to be small. The equipment I possess the longest and which I would say is the core of my production is the Roland SH-101, the TR-606 and my electric guitar. When Korg re-released the Arp synth I bought it straight away, very much love the sound and the look of it.

Next to the three original tracks featured on there, the EP includes a remix you did for Marmion’s trance classic “Schönenberg”. Can you tell us a little about how this track found its way onto the TB remix to-do list and what your connection to the original is?

I had this version finished together with the other tracks for the EP, and for me it was quite important to have it on the record, as I feel it fits pretty well. I sent the track to Marmion, and luckily they liked it, and gave me the opportunity to release it as an official remix, which I am very grateful for. I’m a big fan of the original version, it’s part of my youth raving days in Berlin at Walfisch, WMF, E-Werk.. Kid Paul DJing..

Tell us a little about the EP’s artwork. What’s the story behind it and how did it find its way onto the cover of the release?

It’s the Lieber Opa male mir record. My grandfather did this painting in the 1970s. It’s on the wall in our apartment. I love it.

Next to your EP, the latest instalment of Permanent Vacation’s V.A. compilation is about to hit the shelves, featuring longstanding label friends and some newcomers. What will we find on there and can you shine some light on the selection process for the compilation?

PV 5 will include 12 exclusive tracks by Beesmunt Soundsystem, Sascha Funke, Julian Stetter, Perel, Musk, Davis, Chinaski, Chloé, Christian S, Personal Message, Cooper Saver and Maajo. Release will be on November the 23rd.

As for the selection process, Benji and I listen to demos we receive and we speak about artists we love and would like to approach. After that Benji usually reaches out to the artists. It’s a quite organic and on-going development, as the tracks and artists we already have confirmed, influence our decision on what else we would like to see on the compilation, to have a coherent selection in the end. We are very happy with the result, a big, big thanks goes to the artists for their fantastic music and making this great project possible.

What else is coming up, and what can we expect from TB in the coming months?

On PV we have a couple of stunning new EPs from Fort Romeau, Marvin & Guy and New Jackson coming up. And I hope, there will be TB music in 2019, but it’s still in the clouds..

Anything else you wish to share with us?

Carrots make you see in the dark.

Night Heat is scheduled for release November 2nd. Grab your copy HERE.