Speaking Minds explores the dynamics of bright synth arrangements, tension filled chords and heavy hitting drums, as he returns to My Favorite Robot Records with the “Mermaid’s Chant” EP. Here he links with Amarcord, while Man Power and Boot & Tax step up with remixes.

Following the release of their highly lauded “Odissea” EP on AEON, the Italian dream team, consisting of Speaking Minds and Amarcord, link up once again for the release of their stellar “Mermaid’s Chant” EP. Landing on My Favorite Robot Records, the package sees the duo explore the dynamics of bright synth arrangements, tension filled chords and heavy hitting drums, and has already gained the support from front running tastemakers like Âme, Red Axes and Moscoman.

In its original form, title track “Mermaid’s Chant” is a tense cut with synths stepping up and down the scales. Sci-fi chords and slapping hits bring more energy and the whole thing will get the club in raptures with its real sense of dynamism. For the occasion, we got in touch with Speaking Minds and fired some question across about, the artful package, remix artists Man Power and Boot & Tax, his connection to the My Favorite Robot crew, and things to come.

Welcome Simone, good having you here! First off the usual icebreaker, how have you been and where do we find you today?

Hi guys, my pleasure to have a chat with you! Actually I’m in Barcelona for the Sonar week, one of the most exciting period of the year as you know. Loads of friends and random nice people to meet and hang out with, so everything looks great!

How has the first half of 2018 been treating you so far? Any early year highlights?

Musically talking, really well! First EP of the year on AEON did good so far both with charts and support all around, and now is time for this new one on My Favorite Robot Records. Gigs wise, I had a few nights to remember like the one in Morocco which was great, the energy crowd gives you here is a guarantee!

This month we’ll see you return to My Favorite Robot Records with the release of your upcoming “Mermaid’s Chant” EP. What will we find on there?

This new EP has in my eyes the perfect balance between functional and emotional, which is always the best to catch people attention. The remixers did an amazing job too so I’m really looking forward to have it out!

Can you explain to us about how the EP came together? What was its first aspect and how did it evolve until its final form?

As previously said, I always try to work on something which in the end results both emotional and functional. This time with my studio production friend Amarcord the result we got is exactly what we were looking for! Circe is a total melodic trip build around the arpeggiator, Mermaid’s Chant instead shows both the functional and the emotional side: original is a break tune with highs and lows which brings you in another dimension and Rave mix is exactly the track I would love to have in my playlists when I need to make people go nuts!

On the EP we see you collaborate with upcoming Italian producer Amarcord. In the wake of you recently release “Odissea” EP, this will be your second joined EP this year. How did you guys met?

Marco (Amarcord) is a young and very promising artist raised in the Adriatic coast of Italy: he works closely with some promoters friends of mine (MEET Compact Club) and we finished playing together that time in 2016 he warmed up for one of my gigs with the guys. Our musical taste was very close and since then we had a few studio session lately in 2017… the results is what you heard in the latest months!

Having worked together on several different projects now, can you tell us a little about your joined approach in the studio.

Marco’s classical background is were we always starts from. He studied piano several years (he plays it really good!) and that’s why our approach starts 90% of times from the melodies: synth, arpeggiators and pads are always the first part. Once we find something we like, we start working on drums and structure overall, with the mixing part which is the really final part of the productive process. I’m a bit maniacal regarding structure on tracks  and I think it’s due to my DJ attitude as I started mixing records when I was still 17 – basically that’s why we always ends up modifying it at least 10 times before having a final version to play… hehe!

As with your recent EP release on AEON, I really digged the selection of remix artists involved on this EP. Man Power and Boot & Tax are not necessarily artists I would have expected to find on remix duty. Same goes for Bawrut. Can you tell us a little about your vision towards the remix artists involved in your recent projects.

When I choose remixers I always looks at 2 things mostly: first one is quality of course, second one is my personal relationship with the artists which I try to involve. I really like to have friends or people I know already personally in this business collaborating at my projects, as for me is not just a work but also my lifetime passion and I like to share it with people I spent lovely moments with! Having big name on remix duties is not necessary at all in my opinion when the music you’re proposing is strong and the label/PR do well their job. With this 2 latest EPs, I can 100% says I’m really happy with my way of picking remixers to involve in my works! Btw, Bawrut remix is still on Beatport top 100 after 4 months, with 2 of them spent in the top10 (Yay!)

As this is will be your third EP release on My Favorite Robot Records, tell us a little bit about your connection to head honchos Jared and Voytek.

First of all, I love these guys, really. Super humans before then great musicians. I firstly got connected with Voytek back in 2012 via socials, when he totally loved one of my old demos and sang over it – still unreleased btw… maybe one day!

Since then we became good friends and I had the chance to meet also Jared (and former robot James) every time they played in Italy since then, with some crazy stories behind these gigs too. The first release on MFR came in January 2014 and was also my debut EP: since then seeing good results and lovely human connections, we always kept in touch with a total of 3 EPs and 2 remixes during this time being, plus loads of great moments together.

With the festival season in full swing now, where can we find you this summer – any gigs in particular you’re looking forward to playing?

Is not a summer gig but I can tell you I’m really excited regarding a huge festival I’m going to play in October in France. As it’s not announced yet I can’t say more, but I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of the year that’s getting you excited?

I’m actually working to launch my own club night which ideally will take places in few clubs around Europe, but it’s still something work in progress. Beside this, I’m down now fixing loads of things with my beloved AEON: not everyone might know that since last September beside releasing on it, I joined Alex in the label team as A&R and Label Manager. We’re now working hard on the 5 Years tour which already touched many cities and festival like Sonar this last week. More shows to be announced soon including ADE of course. Fun times ahead!

Mermaid’s Chant is scheduled for release June 22nd. Grab you copy HERE.