After another year of releasing incredible post-punk, wave, and other weirdo guitar music, the Ombra International collective shares its last release of 2018. Maintaining their much loved V.A. format, the EP features new tracks by Skelesys, Justine & Mijo, Forty Fings Dynamo and Niv Ast.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Skelesys fits perfectly into the Ombra International alliance with a strong musical background, inspired by Hard Rock, Punk, Synth Pop and from science fiction movies like “A Clockwork Orange” or horror movies like “The Shining”. For his second Ombra track contribution, the Argentinian Berliner puts the pedal to the metal and brings an absolute tough as nails guitar tinged acid drenched electro-tech heater. In spirit of his latest outing, we had little talk with him covering his recent move to Berlin, Ombra International and upcoming stuff.

Next to Skelesys, the vicious Justine returns to Ombra, and teams up with Mexico City peer and prince of the night, Mijo with “Existence”. Niv Ast, the fast rising Tel Aviv Psych-Rock Disco don contributes his first Ombra track and kicks things off with a swooning groover.  And Marseille’s Forty Fings Dynamo closes the EP out with a proper groove dark Italo 80’s stomper.

Welcome Damian, good having you here! How have you been, and what did your day look like today?

Hey! Thanks, it’s my pleasure! I’m doing good, recovering from last weekend, I had two gigs in the south of Buenos Aires, which was fun.

We’ve heard some whispers about you making the move to Berlin. Are you fully settled in city already?

Well yes, kind of! I’m in the process of making the final move. I have been going back and forth for the last three years, basically because of the visa. This time I’m hoping to be back and finally feel 100% settled in the city. I’ve spent one year and three months in Berlin in the last three years, but of course the idea is to stay once and for all. Right now it’s a hybrid between Buenos Aires and Berlin.

Tell us a little about your first encounter with the German capital and why you decided to move there?

Two weeks after I arrived in Berlin I was coming back from a gig in Trier by bus, and it was that moment after a long trip that the bus got into the city that I felt I was finally at home… Till this day I remember that feeling. It was deep. After that I knew I had to move there. I was also lucky enough to meet amazing people and made lots of friend. From that point it was something that started to grow in me and everything made perfect sense, so why not?

What would you say is the biggest difference between Buenos Aires and Berlin?

In terms of society, I think that in Berlin there’s a sense of freedom, mindset and open mind that, from my point of view, is far away from Buenos Aires. And talking about the scene, in Berlin is much bigger, you have thousands of clubs around the city. In Buenos Aires, after the tragic episodes from TimeWarp 2015 (five kids died in the festival) the government decided to blame it on the music (which is really sad) instead of going against the real problem, which made it more difficult to find places to party. Meanwhile in Berlin the government is giving the clubs financial support for sound insulation, so its kind of poles apart.

You’ve a new track coming up as part of Ombra International’s upcoming 8th release. Tell us a little about your connection to the Ombra collective.

Yes! I’m super excited with this release, also it’s a pleasure to be next to artists like Justine, Mijo, Niv Ast and Forty Fings Dynamo. My first connection with Ombra INTL was last year when I recorded guitars for Teniente Castillo’s track “Not That Way”, for the 003 release. I found in OMBRA a place where I feel related to. By the time I thought my music was weird, a completely new gate opened in my head, and realized I was not the only one haha. Also everything went down real smooth and flow from the beginning so I’m really happy to be part of Ombra.

I’ve to say, its a heavy dance floor banger! Can you give us some background info on the production process – when was it made, what equipment did you use, etc.?

Thanks for that! This track went through different phases. I’ve been playing this idea live for a while now, but, as time went by, I was doing different changes to it. I’ve always loved marked basses, with this electro/80’s vibe. I was using a microKorg XL, and my Les Paul for the guitar arpeggios. Usually I like to keep the spontaneity of the main idea and let it be. I’m not the kind of guy that spends months working on one sound, otherwise I get bored.

Ideal setting to drop “Vection” would be…

When is starting to get sweaty! HA!

What’s coming up in the world of Skelesys?

There’s music with Local Suicide coming out next year, which I’m excited about. Also I’m planning to make an album, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. On the other hand there will be some EPs also…2019 will be a cool year.

Ombra INTL 008 is scheduled for release December 7th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.