David Douglas talks about evening beers, getting inspired by good movies, his studio set up and connection to Atomnation, as he returns to the record label with his new “Mountain Pink” EP. A collection of three dance floor focussed cuts infused with his trademark colorful soundscapes.

David Douglas has created a very particular narrative of electronic music. A sound that effortlessly glides between waves of celestial melodies and emotionally layered landscapes, all with enough depth to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench. As a stable of the Atomnation roster, he returns to the Amsterdam based record label with a new 12″, titled “Mountain Pink”. A collection of three songs with a focus on the dance floor and coming with amazing artwork by Arnau Pi.

Opening with title track “Mountain Pink”, undulating synth lines are met with crisp percussion for an eerie as beautifully crafted break and buildup, make for a standout production. “Hounds Tongue” serves as the perfect B-side taking proceeding down a melodic, darker, somewhat obscure route, while “False Mallow” resonates more with David’s old album sounds.

 Welcome David, good having your here! How have you been and where do we find you today?

I’m fine, the last weeks I needed to take some rest since I had an accident a few weeks ago. But actually, it’s good to have time where you’re forced to do nothing. Listening to music and watching the birds in the garden…

Let’s dive straight into your upcoming “Mountain Pink” EP. Can you tell us more about its making and what the record represents to you?

Comparing to the album’s I’ve released, Mountain Pink is more a club orientated EP. I like DJ’ing, but my album tracks are not always suitable for the club, mostly as they are a bit slow to play in a DJ set. Last winter I was working on a few tracks for my new full-length album and I immediately felt that these tracks where way more clubby than the rest. I decided that the tracks would fit on a special separated release, Mountain Pink. I’ve always liked club music and DJ sets. When the energy, sound and emotions are right, a track can turn the whole club upside down and I love the vibe when everyone is living in the moment – the music is the soundtrack for that to celebrate.

With that change of direction, where there any additional implements used in the hardware / software department for this EP?

Most of my album tracks have a lot of layers, mostly around 100 different stems per track. This is because I apply a lot of details in my music. With club music it’s mostly focused that the track works well on a big sound system and has a great groove, it’s a totally different approach in the making. I’ve focused more on the emptiness in the tracks so it would work well on these big sound systems with more sub. For the sound I sticked to my analog way of working.

You’ve been part of the Atomnation crew since the record label’s founding. How did you guys first get involved? And how did it turn into such a fruitful relationship from there?

Pascal (Atomnation) was one of the first people who heard my music before I ever released music. He was really enthusiastic about it. A few weeks later he told me he wanted to start a label, the second release of the label was my first release ever, now already 6 years ago. Since then we did a lot of releases together and made music together. Pascal is one of the guys who believed in my music since the first moment.

He told me that you’re currently working on a new studio album. How is that coming along, anything you can share with us?

Yeah, the last months I started to work on my new album, taking the time to write new stuff, building it slow. Right now I think it’s in the last phase. I’m trying to finish it this summer.

Can you tell us a little about your preference of working in the album format, rather than the EP format? Do you feel it gives you a certain freedom to move around in?

On an album you have more time to tell a story or dig deeper into experimental sounds and emotions. I really love that. You can have a totally weird track besides something poppy and it still could make sense. We live in a time where people listen more to songs/playlists than albums, but for me an album is more of an art piece, giving you the opportunity to tell a story on different stages; emotion, lyrics and sounds that are in your mind and soul.

Tell us a little about your points of inspiration at the moment. Anything in particular that gets your creative juices flowing at the moment?

Last months we had warm summer weather here (the Nederlands). I guess that’s what you will hear on the new album. I try to catch the summer vibe in my music. I also love watching a good movie before having some studio time, there are a lot of things you can do to get the right inspiration. Right now it’s this summer breeze.

What are your plans for this summer – any travels or other stuff you’re looking forward to? What’s on the horizon for David Douglas?

I took a short break since my cycling accident 6 weeks ago to take a step back. I’ll try to focus on finishing the new album within the next summer months and besides that getting inspired and fully filled with good movies, evening beers and summer swims.

Mountain Pink is scheduled for release July 13th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.