With an eye on their recently released contribution to XXX‘s limited edit series, we fired some questions across to Marvin & Guy – one of the most exciting projects on the block.

Marvin & Guy, the duo that has been connecting the dots between flourishing synthesizer notes, thundering kick drums and uplifting arpeggios to crisp precision, since its establishment back in 2011. With their music being picked up by high-ranking tastemakers around the globe, and releases on Hivern Discs, Life and Death, Permanent Vacation and Correspondant, to name a few, their back-catalogue blows a surprisingly welcomed breath of fresh air true the underground electronic music scale, and we love every bit of it.

With an eye on their recently released contribution to XXX‘s limited edit series, we fired some questions across to the self labeled Cowboys from Paradise, covering the do’s and don’ts regarding edits, memorable ADE moments and things to come. The 12″ features four obscure electronic edits, plus a digital bonus track, from label friends across Europe, among which Marvin & Guy, JMII, Il Est Vilaine and label heads SHMLSSDig in below!

Welcome guys, thanks for joining! How have you been, and how’s your summer been?

Hello and thanks for the interview, it’s always good to have some nice space to talk about the project. Our summer was pretty intense and very good since we had the chance to play at some very important festivals around for the first time.

You’ve got two tracks coming up on XXX. Could you tell us a bit about the tracks included and the story behind them?

Both tracks are coming from our early “edit career” back in the days, around 5 years ago (that’s why when the guys asked for them it was a bit hard to find both of the tracks on our HD eheh). The one on vinyl is not a real edit but more like a remix or something because all the elements comes from us, except for the bass, thats why we wanted to release it almost as “original” few years ago. We always liked it and we always really wanted to let it fly out instead of just being stucked on our computer. It was a “must play” track in all our DJ set until a couple of years ago if you’re going to check them. The other one is more like a “nu disco” edit (that was also the era of Nu Disco things) and we kept a lot of original stuff, but we’ll never say which (of both) tracks are the original!

Over the years, you’ve become somewhat of edit heroes, we can say. What inspires you to edit a certain track and tell us a little about your approach?

Its basically the common inspirations from all over the world: having just the better part of an old song/track. It’s not also about the genre and style cause, as you may know, we also edited Black Sabbath, and other metal/rock bands from the 70s. The approach is seriously easy, how many old Disco song are perfectly good but a bit cheesy right in the middle of the song? So let’s get out those parts and just keep the best one.

Its not always like this of course, during last years we’ve seen a lot of DJs around putting out edits of songs that totally doesn’t need to be edited and it came out just a very bad version you know? You don’t have to do an Edit just because its cool to have an edit out on vinyl but first of all cause it can be helpful and more playable on your DJ set. So please lets stop with this!

This is the second time you’ve released on XXX. How did working with the label come about?

Very sweet, they have been always supporting with us since the very beginning of our career. So its always a pleasure to have the possibility to get some hands on this nice label project from the guys.

You’re always a warmly-welcomed sight in Amsterdam. With the dust of this years ADE settling,  tell us a little about your performance during the Life And Death showcase at Thuishaven, any funny anecdotes?

Man that was so good! Amsterdam always has the best parties and crowd, no doubt about it. We had the chance to play at the perfect time for that kind of party, we played 1h30 of space disco and space techno (even if its not a real genre), also in a quite fast way in terms of bpm for our standards. And a very good and nice thing it was having a lot of DJ friends behind us dancing the whole set like Manfredi and Niv from Red Axes. We were feeling so good, like a real family time. It was special, like all the Life and Death events during the last years.

What’s on the horizon for Marvin & Guy?

Uhm we have a lot of things but we think the most important are the Equation Family Box coming out mid January which its gonna be really special cause its just 100 copies with no pre-order but just coming out right away the specific release day. Also we’re gonna start next year our very own night at Astin in Barcelona (which is the renewed room 2 of Nitsa/Sala Apolo), where there will be a strong concept around it, also for the music and guests. We can’t say anything more about that:)

Then we’ll have a new record coming out around spring, a lot of very important and interesting remixes, some news about Life of Marvin as well, but we don’t want to go too much in the details in order to keep some mystery around everything eheh.

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