In anticipation of his upcoming gig at Next Monday’s Hangover in Amsterdam on December 29th, we had the chance to ask Kann labelhead and Giegling regular Map.ache a few questions regarding ideals, his future and being blocked. 

Jan Barich, or as we know him: Map.ache, is half of DJ duo Manamana. As a regular and former promoter at the illustrious Conne Island, Jan shaped his musical taste in the early 2000’s, which caused the founding his own label, together with  Sevensol and Bender, in 2008. Kann records grew side-by-side the much bespoken Giegling label. Sending tracks back and forth with Konstantin resulted in multiple releases by Map.ache on the label, aswel as signing the mysterious Traumprinz to Kann.

Map.ache will be playing alongside Konstantin on December 29th in Amsterdam at Next Monday’s Hangover, but not before we picked his brain about ideals, his future and being blocked. You’ll find the answers below. Enjoy.

Hello Jan! Thank you for joining us today. Could you tell us what your ideal party looks and feels like?

I try to take it easy as possible. It is all about the so called “vibe” that comes out of open minded friendly groovin people and good music. Everything else is overrated!

Your playing in Het Sieraad, the atrium of an old goldsmithing school. Do special locations help set the mood for you?

Special locations can be pretty exciting and impressing, especially if it is succeeded to transform them into a place with a proper club situation where people feel comfortable and impressed at the same time. Special venues can be full of expectations, which can be good and bad. Here as well, what counts is the best combination of people and music, which can be completed by a exceptional place.

You’ve been a familiar to Next Monday’s Hangover for some time, having been booked before as Manamana in studio 80 and on some festivals here and there. I can imagine traveling with a companion is more enjoyable then alone. How is this for playing records for you?

Traveling not alone is always more fun than only being by yourself. And playing alone is always a different experience. As my “manamaid” Alex (Sevensol) and me are very familiar with playing b2b, we got used to feel more safe and kinda double powered and prepared for shows really fast.
If I play alone I have to muster more courage and it can turn into either something relieving or the sense that something is missing. But It is always simply about what you are used to do more.

What’s on the horizon for Map.ache? With Gieglings rise in popularity, and as an artist who releases on Giegling, will we see more releases in the coming months?

Yes , I hope so! There are some unfinished plans for the nearby future. As well as for me and for KANN too, as we turn 10 as a label next year with some bigger ideas, releases & shows in mind. I’m already looking forward to 2018 a lot.

In the past, you’ve talked about being blocked and being challenged in your creativity. At what point are you now at this moment?

Yes thats what I was talking about in an interview with XLR8 earlier this year. As I said, this is certainly nothing special for someone who chose and needs to make music. Keep searching motivation, inspiration and most of all to be up to your very own creative process that has no beginning and no end seems to be predetermined. Simply as in everybody elses life, how you feel and what is going on in your life has a big influence on the things you do. In person I left behind a heavy past year of many ups and downs. Right now i am very thankful to get time to do all the things I like.

What does your production setup look like at this moment?

This year I found a good way to uncouple my musical process from my studio. Although my studio is still the main spot where I spend most of the time for music. But being able to produce on the road or somewhere else is a gift. I love to be mobile to work on unfinished projects or recordings I did in the studio on the laptop. The main studio setup is constantly changing and I still use everything I can find – never mind if it is soft or hardware. This is also what is looks like right now. The most inspiring purchase was getting an older e-drum from a friend, where now I could finally add an instrument that needs your body for music once more. In general I’m not a big technical talent and always want things to function without deeper understanding.

Do you feel your setup helps you in your creativity, or vice versa?

It is always both. A well organised perfect plugged and synced set up can simplify and help the process indeed, but a predefined structure can also kill creativity as you exclude the possibility to create something in a more unconventional way. But this is always inconsistent as well: you want yourself being more organised and more take heart and experimental at the same time. My set up reflects the dilemma. Thats why I keep it chaotic and changing

Your label Kann has some great artwork, with divergent styles. How do you go about selecting said covers for the releases?

There is this long term collaboration with the graphic designer Franzi (Iska Kaek). She is responsable for creating the look of KANN. But artwork often can be a main subject of discussion, especially if you need something that four people wanna like.
But we always discuss sketches and ideas together to get to the best result.

See Map.ache together with Giegling’s Konstantin at Next Monday’s Hangover in Het Sieraad in Amsterdam on December 29thTogether with Red Axes, Liquid Youth familiars Marvin & Guy headline the next day, December 30th. Tickets for both events are available here.