Paramida’s fantastic Love On The Rocks celebrates 5 years of quality output, Interactive Test co-founder Riccardo Falsini lays down hallucinatory trance soundscapes with AVR, Nathan Micay starts a new record label, and a whole lot more to keep your eyes peeled for by RAMZi, Ex-Terrestrial, Dust World and Hivern Discs.

01. I Believe – Outside Time [Isla]

02. Big Zen – Buoyant Beat [Dust World]

03. Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid – Reality [Exo Recordings]

04. Nathan Micay – Feed The Planetary Sharks [Original Schvitz]

05. Fantastic Man – I Love You Baby [Love On The Rocks]

06. Warehouse Preservation Society – Loving Touch [Love On The Rocks]

07. Jeigo – Flurella (Ex-Terrestrial Remix) [Air Miles]

08. Lost Scripts – Mozart [Hivern Discs]

09. RAMZi – Bad Fluti [FATi Records]

10. DiSKOP – Future [Whiteloops]