The Organism delivers a dance floor destroyer as he reflects on Disco Halal, Sascha Funke joins the Hippie crew with an all out epic 3-tracker, Mathias Schober intertwines with BOg for the launch of a new label, and a whole lot more to look forward to by Man Power, Roman Flügel, Benedikt Frey, Maeve, Hivern Discs and Correspondant in this month’s Upcoming Weapons.

01. Mattheis – PT4 (Original Mix) [Maeve]

02. The Organism – Reflection (Original Mix) [Disco Halal]

03. Lion’s Drums – Bain De Soleil (Original Mix) [Hivern Discs]

04. Man Power ft. Xen – The Zen Of Xen (Parts 1 & 2) [Correspondant]

05. Sascha Funke – Surumu (Original Mix) [You And Your Hippie Friends]

06. Nicola Cruz – Espìritu de Protección (Bawrut Remix) [Multi Culti]

07. Benedikt Frey – Looking Back (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]

08. Elliott Lion – Ecstasy (Roman Flügel Remix) [Futureboogie Recordings]

09. Holographic Planes – Drums Across Death (Original Mix) [Ombra International]

10. BOg – Jahar (Mathias Schober Remix) [TAU]