Opium Club regular Vidmantas delivers an acid-infused mind warper, Roza Terenzi returns with more of her trademark goodness, Cooper Saver debuts on Hivern Discs with an interstellar transmission, and more music to keep your eyes peeled for by Full Circle, Fort Romeau and Planet Euphorique.

01. V – Confusion (Original Mix) [Nautilus Rising]

02. Trans-4M – Arrival (Original Mix) [Safe Trip]

03. Full Circle – Alien Nation (Original Mix) [Crowdspacer]

04. Roza Terenzi – Metal Glo (Original Mix) [Wrecks x Pelvis]

05. Cooper Saver – Walk On Water (Original Mix) [Hivern Discs]

06. Christian S – Tannin (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation]

07. Killer DJ’s – Untitled (Original Mix) [Planet Euphorique]

08. Fort Romeau & Jas Shaw – Saturn Ascends (Original Mix) [Cin Cin]

09. Anthony Georges Patrice – CTAFY (Original Mix) [Lossless]

10. Yak – Kaepora (Original Mix) [Version]