Axel Boman provides pure bliss via Mule Musiq, KopjeK resident Tjade delivers a bonafide dance floor igniter coming with the stamp of approval by Palms Trax and Job Jobse, Rush Hour mainstay Masalo debuts on Soundway Records, and a whole lot more to keep your eyes peeled for by Talaboman, Project Pablo and Dekmantel.

01. Tjade – Koi Jaye (Edit) [Bordello A Parigi]

02. Gabriola – Earth Awakes (Original Mix) [Magicwire]

03. Axel Boman – Paid By The Rhythm (Original Mix) [Mule Musiq]

04. Masalo ft. Doussou Koulibaly – Yera (Original Mix) [Soundway Records]

05. Talaboman – B.R.A.G.P.T.D.B.S! (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings]

06. Stump Valley – Ritmo Atomico (Original Mix) [Dekmantel]

07. Low Tape – Euphoria (Original Mix) [Private Persons]

08. Joe – Rio Lea (Original Mix) [Cómeme]

09. Project Pablo – Sofware (Original Mix) [Verdicchio Music Publishing]

10. Philou Louzolo – Shinobi Of Kinshasa (Original Mix) [Wokoundou]