Jex Opolis takes a steamy cruise around the Italian Riviera, Safe Trip explores darker territories with hallucinogenic cuts from Hoshina Anniversary, Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid makes his long-awaited return on Exo Recordings, and a whole lot more to look forward to by Tornado Wallace, Hivern Discs, No Moon, Permanent Vacation and Hard Fist.

01. Jex Opolis – Desolation (Dub) [Dekmantel]

02. Hoshina Anniversary – Hakkenden II [Safe Trip]

03. Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid – Oxygen (Original Mix) [Exo Recordings]

04. Tambura – Tikitaka (Tornado Wallace Remix) [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

05. No Moon – Where Do We Go From Here? (Original Mix) [Craigie Knows]

06. Roza Terenzi – Worldwide (Luca Lozano Intercontinental Mix) [Bizarro]

07. Perdu – Jane’s World (DJ Boring Remix) [Heist Recordings]

08. Cleveland – Noord (Original Mix) [Hivern Discs]

09. Benjamin Fröhlich – Memory FM (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation]

10. Pletnev – My Word Against Yours (Sascha Funke Remix) [Hard Fist]