A little recap of our favourite releases in October. Dig in with pure gold by the likes of Floating Points, Red Axes, Trikk, DJ Tennis, Joakim, Dixon, Innervisions, Hivern Discs, Uncanny Valley, Squirrels On Film, Endless Flight and Lossless, among other.

Floating Points – Ratio (Full Mix) [Pluto]

Floating Points; the moniker with the unparalleled ability to guide you into other dimensions in the nicest way possible. His newly released track Ratio, on Pluto, is an epic track bordering on 19-minutes that harks back to his earlier dance floor focussed releases. Grab your copy here.

Trikk – Mundo Ritual [Innervisions]

The Portuguese ‘Wonderboy’ Trikk, returns to Innervisions for his second release on the label, following 2016’s ‘Florista’ EP. Trikk – real name Bruno Deodato – hinted to the release last year, with a two-part online mix series, sharing the same name. With Mundo Ritual, Trikk presents eight more tracks in his tribal-infused and melodic deep house style, which have been resonating far and wide. Grab your copy here.

Red Axes – Kalacol [Life And Death]

The Israeli genre-defying duo Red Axes arrive on Life and Death with an impeccable produced 4-track EP. Sami is a post-Moondog shamanic tribal trip, while Round combines dilapidated future Goa electronics with just the right amount of cowbell and guitar psych. Vego Gam is lo-fi Spaghetti Western, full of tape delay and amplifier sauce, while Pulse waves and wind chimes ring Russian bells on the title track, Kalacol – a mind-melding dancefloor gem. Grab your copy here.

Cleveland – Crystal Quest [Hivern Discs]

The endlessly surprising Cleveland returns to Hivern Discs with the 4-track ‘Crystal Quest’ EP, following his 2016 ‘Atlas’ EP. Plenty to get excited about on here, as Cleveland perfectly moves between emotionally charged energy and adventures atmospheres. Grab your copy here.

The Juan Maclean – The Brighter The Light (DJ Tennis Remix) [DFA Records]

In front of The Juan Maclean‘s single ‘The Brighter The Light’ – which will see the light of day November 3rd – DFA Records shares DJ Tennis‘ remix contribution to the package. Peak-time material as DJ Tennis lays in with the heavy kick drum and rolling bassline, accompanied by the original’s acid patterns and euphoric piano break. Grab your copy here.

Maria Rita Stumpf – Brasileira Remixes [Optimo Music / Selva Discos]

Following the reissue of Maria Rita Stumpf’s ‘Brasileira’ LP on Selva Discos, the newly founded label between Optimo Music and the Brazilian duo Selvagem, shares their next release; a Maria Rita remix 12″. Selvagem and Carrot Green remade ‘Cântico Brasileiro Nº3 (Kamaiurá)’ with Stumpf and Paulo Sergio dos Santos. The updated version is on the A-side with a remix of ‘Lamento Africano/Rictus’ by Joakim on the B-side. Grab your copy here.

V/A – Various Squirrels Vol.2 [Squirrels On Film]

The Squirrels from San Francisco are back – pressing up a limited white-label 12″, an Amsterdam Dance Event special, featuring track by Solar, Material Squirrel, Billy Bates and Lokier, full of the throbbing electro, altered-states body music, and head-in-the-clouds techno you’ve come to expect from Squirrels on Film. Grab your copy here.

Vermont – II Remixes [Kompakt]

Following their much acclaimed second album, titled ‘II’, the Vermont duo make up by Motor City Drum Ensemble and Marcus Worgull, gets the remixes treatment, which puts the beat back into the mix, thanks to Dixon, I:Cube and Wassermann who each develop their own irresistible groove out of the immersive source material. Grab your copy here.

Boot & Tax – Spazio [Endless Flight]

The Boot & Tax duo make their debut on Endless Flight and release three tunes that listen to the name dimension. It’s a multi-coloured EP that spreads deepness in an uncommon sense. You can feel the power of disco coming in with heavy seducing strings. You can get lost in echoed drums, trippy sounds and some oriental tones. And you also can march to cosmic techno that loves krautrock without embracing it. Grab your copy here.

Darling – JPS [Safe Trip]

After the spangled synth funk and proto housing of Ben Penn’s kaleidoscopic 12″, Young Marco fires up the Safe Trip train once again for six future groove dance hits from the Amsterdam-based Darling. A lovely variety of intergalactic, dreamy and loose house grooves that bring warmth and joy. Grab your copy here.

Fort Romeau – Untitled II / A Familiar Place [DGTL]

For their second release on the label, DGTL Records asked another one of its festival shows regulars: Fort Romeau. ‘Untitled II’ is a luminous house tune, with a soundscape on top that takes you on a journey, while ‘A Familiar Place’ adds a little bit of darkness to the EP. Grab your copy here.

New Jackson – Bounce Again [Permanent Vacation]

Multi-talented Irish musician New Jackson returns to Permanent Vacation in full force, for his third EP outing on the label. New Jackson tightens the strings and brings back the bounce with two rather floor-friendly tracks that are still deeply rooted in the unique New Jackson universe, before closing things up with a love-trenched early morning anthem. Grab your copy here.

Anthony Georges Patrice – Nujan [Lossless]

Anthony Georges Patrice is back on the mothership with his second full EP for Lossless. With the strong, dark and complex leftfield techno track ‘Aylanmasdan’ leading the pack and the houseier, playful, deep but stripped back title track ‘Nujan’ Anthony found just the perfect balance for this EP, before closing the circle with the beautiful ‘Nujan Les Pins’ interlude. Grab your copy here.

Jacob Korn – Son Of GX [Uncanny Valley]

Do yourself a favour and dance across the floor when listening to the new Jacob Korn-record on Uncanny Valley, titled Son Of GX. The music is heavily based on the good old Yamaha Electone Organ. The home organ for the world’s gentlemen was modified by Jacob himself and is now an integral part of his studio. As you’ll hear it on the EP, it injects a decent dose of fun into Jacob’s vision of house music. Grab your copy here.

Keinemusik – Guilt Trip [Keinemusik]

‘Guilt Trip’ is the first single of the upcoming ‘You Are Safe’ album by Keinemusik (RampaAdam Port&ME). The highly emotive single is a very promising indicator of things to come. Beautifully shaped drum pads and lush vocals. The full album will be released on double vinyl and digital album on November 24th, 2017. Grab your copy here.