With the summer months in full swing, we reflect on our favourite releases of July coming from Pional, Axel Boman, Red Axes, Bufiman, Cleveland, Permanent Vacation, ESP Institute, Innervisions, Keinemusik, Correspondant and Love On The Rocks.

Omer – Bye (Original Mix) [Love On The Rocks]

Omer joins the Love On The Rocks family with a beautifully composed 3-tracker. The title track ‘Bye’ is the long-awaited, secret rework with its hands in the air hysteria that’s been doing the rounds recently among a tight-knit of trusted tastemakers. Snapping percussions, fierce basslines, swirling layers of melody and synths that resonate with warmth and emotion, we absolutely love it. Grab your copy here.

Pional – ‘Equation III’ [Equation Recordings]

Marvin & Guy’s ‘Equation’ series returns for its third, and sadly last, outing. The series features special cuts and edits from some very special artists and comes exclusively on vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Among the series latest release is this heavy-packing mind-melter by Pional. The limited vinyl is already sold-out via Kompakt unfortunately, so Discogs would be your best bet.

Bufiman – Peace Moves (Original Mix) [Dekmantel]

Jan Schulte makes his Dekmantel debut with ‘Peace Moves’, an EP of percussive soul. low-and-slow drum arrangements and swooping synths that captures the Salon Des Amateurs resident in full, tribal swing. Four tracks of informed, well-paced grooves, and finely crafted beats that extenuate the German’s penchant for the mature, and fun loving heads. Grab your copy here.

Argoman – Chimicalissimo (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation]

Something to get very excited about, as Permanent Vacation introduces us to fresh-out-of-the-box project Argoman, ‘the antihero of disco music’, a collaboration between three Italian producers, who started the project about one year ago. With ‘Chimicalissimo’, the project merges the vibrant rhythms of disco with the emotional approach of modern electronic music. The label calls it ‘a proper voyage between syncopated rhythms and heavy basslines soaked with synth melodies that often recall IDM progressions’, and comes with a additional dub version and Black Spuma remix. Grab your copy here.

Cleveland – Kyoto (Original Mix) [ESP Institute]

Cleveland has long been a favourite of ours here at LIQUID YOUTH. Originating from Luxembourg, the 28 years old music producer has been putting out his carefully blended mix of analog synths, esoteric atmospheres and percussive drums on labels like Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation. Now his delicate and dreamy house music finds its way into your record bag as ESP Institute’s latest signing. Grab your copy here.

Red Axes  Earth Core (Original Mix) [Correspondant]

Correspondant‘s annual compilation series has reached its fifth installment and does so with a comprehensive display of sound. The 15-track package comes from the hands of Correspondant’s core family, Red Axes, Javi Rebondo, closest collaborators, Fort Romeau, Jonathan Kusuma, and newest friends, Marvin & Guy, Khidja, Kempes, Colli Alban, among others. Grab your copy here.

&ME – Avalon (Original Mix) [Keinemusik]

What can we say about this, other then that it packs enough punch to shift the Himalaya. Keinemusik returns with a heavy-hitting offering by label co-founder &ME. The EP’s title track is a tribal monster that alternates between spicy drum sequences and a steady kick, whilst the b-side has a more uplifting approach. Grab your copy here.

Manoo & Raoul K – Toukan (Trikk Dub Mix) [Innervisions]

The long-overdue remix packages for Manoo & Raoul K’s ‘Toukan’ sees the light of day via Innervisions. In true Dixon fashion, the head-honcho turns the track into a big room peak-timer, whilst Trikk focusses on the instrumentals, creating a dubby african techno excursion. Grab your copy here.

Skinnerbox – Gender (Axel Boman Remix) [Turbo]

Germany’s Skinnerbox sets the template with a high-speed jungle cut via Turbo Recordings. The 12-inch also features versions by Auntie Flo and Swedish Axel Boman, who turns the track into a 11-minute long hypnotic jam that wouldn’t be misplaced as closing track for a festival near you. Grab your copy here.

Marco V – Simulated (Bas Amro Remix) [Wolfskuil Records]

Wolfskuil Records returns with its 39th release, offering a fresh rework of Dutch dance pioneer Marco V’s classic trance track “Simulated”, coming from fellow Dutchman Bas Amro. The producer’s minimized arrangement pulls the listener deeper amongst the classic synths wavering throughout, driven by a crowd-pleaser of a kick. Grab your copy here.