The Hamburg-based RSS Disco trio talks Mireia Records, connecting through Hamburg’s cozy DJ scene, the Next Monday’s Hangover fuck NYE special and compile a mind-boggling mix comprised of the label’s recent arsenal and upcoming stuff, as we warmly welcome the imprint into our This Is Us showcase series. 

There is a steady wind of good times blowing out of Hamburg. The kind of wind that pushes you all the way to the nearest festival grounds for a good day of sun-drenched vibes and keeps on pushing you into the nearest strobe-filled club. Headed by the RSS Disco trio, Mireia Records‘ catalog is as versatile as it is danceable and includes music by Johannes Klingebiel, Filburt, Marcus Worgull, Conga Fever and RSS Disco, to name a few. From deeply atmospheric journeys through heavy synthesizer disco over to pop-infused and sun-kissed groovers, the label has managed to build an appealing legacy over the course of a compact release bundle.

Following the release of the label’s 10th record last month – a beautiful split EP between Amsterdam-based Pin Up Club and Berlin’s Conga Fever, including remixes by Lauer, Jacob Korn and RSS Disco – we fired some questions across the Mireia Records’ head honchos Natalie, Falk and Max about how the three connected, the label and its artists, their connection to Amsterdam and Next Monday’s Hangover crew, and things to come. In addition RSS Disco composed a 64-minute mix for us, comprised of the label’s recent arsenal and upcoming stuff.

Welcome guys, good having you here! First off the usual icebreaker – how have you been and what did your day look like today?

Very wet so far, this is the worst time of the year: rainy and dark. To be productive and creative luckily lightens the mood a bit. And coffee.

As masterminds behind RSS Disco and Mireia Records, I’m interested to hear how you guys connected in the first place. Although based in Hamburg, I understand that you all originate from different parts of Germany.

We connected because we saw the minds of masters in each other! Well, more seriously: We got to know each other 15 years ago because we were each playing techno/house music and connected through Hamburg’s cozy DJ scene. We talked about music, of course, and discovered that all three have a passion for buying more “leftfield” records on top of those we would play in a club back then. Basically being interested in good music in general, without borders of genre or tempo.

One weekend we were invited to play some at a friends birthday (hi Paul!) and it turned out that playing back to back with each other is big fun! We quickly realized that being part of a DJ trio is not only fun but also gives you enough time to do all kinds of stuff: dance, get some drinks (for us or the crowd) and actually use the bathroom WHILE DJing. Also there’s instant feedback from two other people with strong opinions.

Tell us a little about Mireia’s cultivation and the philosophy behind starting the record label together.

We hatched a plan to get rid of our spare time and money, thus the label was born! It came naturally through buying records for years and being interested in every aspect of it. From pampering the artists and supporting them in any way possible through the manufacturing and design process. We’re very involved in every step so each song and every record feels personal.

In its 6 year lifespan, the label has released 10 records. A small, but significant body of work. What can you tell us about the selection process between the three of you – are you guys picky when it comes to the music you decide to put out?

Have you ever adored a song and then got to know the musician and thought “wow – what a idiot”? It ruins the music! We try to avoid this by putting out great music that connects with us and is also recorded by a person we want to work with closely. It’s not super common to find both, you can imagine.

The latest release was a beautiful split EP between Conga Fever and Pin Up Club, which came out last month. Tell us a little about those artists and the particular sound they bring to the table?

We met Pin Up Club just last year. Their first record “Friends Of The Vortex” ‎on Bordello A Parigi got our attention and after seeing their live show at Georgie’s festival, we met Jos and Jelle. Everyone was on the same page (of the book about Italo Disco’s legacy) quickly, music was exchanged, and we knew we wanted to put out “Dilapidated”.

We had the idea of doing a split EP and were looking for a counterpart, luckily Conga Fever sent his “Chihuahua”. He has been a good friend and fellow gear nerd long before we released his debut EP on Mireia Records a few years ago. He is blowing us away with every production, his ear for melodies and frequencies is outstanding.

Mireia Records

Next to the two original tracks, the EP features a diverse set of remixes by Lauer, Jacob Korn and RSS Disco. What can you tell us about the remix you did for Pin Up Club’s track “Dilapidated”?

We knew that Lauer’s version would be a peak time hitter, so we chose to imagine another facet of the song. Slower, with a touch of moodiness. With focus on bassline and melody.

Last year, Mireia introduced its “We’ll Sea” vinyl-only series. Can you shine some light on how that series came to be and the direction it embarked on?

The music on We’ll Sea records is more mellow, washed out, sun drenched. This is the kind of music, that has always been a part of our DJ sets, especially towards the end of our longer shows. We wanted Mireia Records to be a home (or harbour?) for this part of us too but also establish its own design. For an unexplainable reason these coloured, marbled vinyl sound best during sunrise and sunset. Close by the sea.

With the series’ third installment being released mid-2018, can we expect more of the “We’ll Sea” series in the future?

There’s so many colors left to be explored and it’s a project close to our hearts. We’ll sea!

Aside from running the label together, you guys produce under the previously mentioned RSS Disco moniker. Tell us a little about your working approach in the studio.

We love vintage synthesizers + drum machines but modern technology as well. It’s quite easy these days to record every part of a song yourself and achieve a great sounding production. We’re open minded in the studio, just try to avoid standard “clubsounds”. Falk is quite addicted to buying gear, always in the market for some obscure box from the 80s or 90s.

You’ll be paying Amsterdam a visit for the upcoming Next Monday’s Hangover edition, featuring Optimo and Young Marco. Tell us a little about your connection to the NMH crew and what we can expect from you there.

The idea of throwing all NYE expectations over board and just do a big party three days before this is just great! So we come equipped with a hedonistic mindset and a bag of fresh music. The NMH crew is a lovely bunch and we cannot wait to hang out. Ridz (Some Chemistry) invited us to several of their events over the last years and the team involved is super sweet and at the same time amazingly well organized. Also he’s a great DJ!

Having played in Amsterdam several times already, what are your thoughts on the city’s scene? Any special RSS Disco recommendations – record stores, favourite clubs, hangouts, etc.?

The electronic music scene feels vibrant and open minded. There’s great food and we have the impression that there’s always something interesting going on. We love to walk the cosy streets, shop for records and ride a boat on the channels.

Tell us a little about the mix you’ve made for us – where is it recorded, favourite tracks, inspiration, atmosphere, etc.

We recorded that mix at PAL club here in Hamburg on a Monday evening. We had the whole club plus the big sound system for ourselves. So that was fun! We released all the music on the mix (or are about to release it in the future). We’re quite obsessed with the dramaturgy of our DJ sets. So although we might have wanted to fit in more tracks, the focus was on doing a proper smooth mix with a decent build-up.

What’s on the horizon for Mireia Records and RSS Disco?

Labelwise we are working on a second 12” by Johannes Klingebiel. It’s very good. We’re sure everyone who’s fond of his first EP “Nightlife” will agree. Also there are rumours about a EP by Julian Stetter who’s contributed to the “We’ll Sea” series before. Another exciting thing is our new party series “Mireia’s Melody” at Moiré/PAL, which we just started this fall with Lauer as the first guest. The second night will be shortly before Christmas so we’ll keep it in the family by inviting Cosmic DJ (of International Pony).

This winter season we are working on an anniversary mix for our friends at Pingipung Records besides touring in clubs and traditionally flee to the southern hemisphere for some weeks. Also looking forward to next year’s festival season already. Monticule Festival in France will be one of our highlights again for sure.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Wash your hands often, it’s flu season. Try not to sneeze on the mixer. Pay your local record store a visit from time to time. Love to all the artist we had the pleasure to work with and thanks to everyone who bought our releases so far.


01. Conga Fever – Chihuahua [MIR10]
02. Johannes Klingebiel – Boys Club [MIR08]
03. The Building – Reginac (Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt’s Trancepop Mix) [MIR02]
04. Conga Fever – Hi (Sunset Mix) [MIR04]
05. Johannes Klingebiel – Piano Thang [MIR11]
06. Pin Up Club – Dilapidated [MIR10]
07. Das Komplex – Las [MIR07]
08. Cornchild – Hellbreak [MIR09]
09. Dev’s child [Very02]
10. Manuel Binder – Porto feat. Julian Stetter [MIR07]
11. Julian Stetter –  Sensual [MIR12]
12. Conga Fever – Family Affairs [MIR07]