“United by lust and fury” and “together alone”. The Ombra International collective is a force to be reckoned with and has quickly flowered into one of the to go to hotbeds for experimental and colorful electronica. Hear an influence mix by Curses, one of the figures behind the movement.

Ombra International has a mysterious scent embedded in its foundations. The collective is a strong alliance between a global range of like-minded individuals coming from a diverse spectrum of artistic backgrounds. Bursting into life towards the back end of 2016, the movement of musicians and visual artists share a mutual love for wave / post-punk and dark disco sound aesthetics, inspired by the underground 80’s revolt to pop culture, and has quickly flowered into one of the to go to labels for experimental and colorful electronica.

With a majority of the figures involved operating behind a cloud of anonymity, Ombra International feels strongly about keeping a global mindset. This global feel permeates the record label’s output with Mexican, Spanish, Russian and German artists appearing on its releases. However, the disparate locations of the artists involved doesn’t get in the way of the label’s cohesive and distinctive style.

Perel, Theus Mago, Curses, Il Est Vilaine, Cannibal Ink, and Mondowski are a few of the names that have been appearing on the catalog of the Berlin-based collective on a string of various artist releases. With Ombra International 006 scheduled for release early June, featuring a stellar body of music by Csk, Dame BonnetThe Postmodernism Forms and a massive collaboration between Damon Jee and Alvaro Cabana called Holographic Planes, next to the launch of their own party series, the Ombra International collective is a force to be reckoned with.

Intrigued by the unity, we decided to reach out and fire some questions across to one of the figures involved. The man in question needs little introduction; Curses. Based in Berlin, the Rock & Roll phenomenon is praised for blending his roots with the darker side of disco and wave, a craft that he has mastered to pin point perfection. Next to that, he crafted a stellar mix brimming with Ombra International material and sounds the collective gets excited about!

Welcome Luca, first off the usual icebreaker. How have you been and what did your day look like today?

I was out in California for a friend’s wedding, and me and my girlfriend are driving through the nevada desert. Today feels and looks like a scene out of Bonnie and Clyde remixed by Fear & Loathing…

Can you shine some light on the people involved in Ombra International and tell us a little about how the collective came to be?

It has grown so fast that  I don’t even know everyone face to face involved now. It began as an experimental art project which led to global collaborations in music and visual common ground. Whats important is that we stick to doing what we love, releasing music we love and embracing our post-punk and wave roots mixed with the darker side of disco.

The collective self-describes as “united by lust and fury” and “together alone” – can you tell us a little about that description.

Create art inspired and driven by intuition and impulse. Be yourself but find a common thread with others you admire and respect.

Two years in, Ombra International has released 5 records, with number 6 coming up soon. With all the people involved, how do you guys manage the selection process for records being put out?

This is hard. we wish it was possible financially and timing wise to release all the music we are driven by. At the end of the day, the key factor in selecting what gets released on the label is if the song makes us jealous we didn’t make it ourselves.

Until now, most of those records have been various artists releases. What is the specific idea behind that approach, is it an extension of the collective mindset?

Yes exactly. We like to keep a global mindset when it comes to the releases and artists we associate with in the family. Every release will always incorporate artists from different countries.

For anyone new to Ombra International, how would you describe the label’s output? What are you mainly looking for and hoping to achieve with each release?

We are attracted to artists who are able to naturally mesh a punk attitude and guitar/synth sound with the sexy side of Dark Disco or Italo and New Beat and more.

This month, we’ll see Theus Mago making his label debut with the Ella” EP. Tell us a little about his connection to the collective, and what we can find on there.

Theus Mago is one of Mexico City’s finest. We loved his previous work on Turbo and La Dame Noir, he has always had an element of EBM and New Beat in his tracks, so we were very drawn to the music he sent us for the EP.

Next to the branch of international musicians, the collective is home to a wide spring of visual artists. Tell us a little about the thought process behind the label’s logo and artwork.

We like to pull from a lot of influences, and explore into the weirder more unique side of things. I am personally doing all of the final designs for the releases, and my girlfriend Rachael Rodgers, who is a Stylist in Berlin, helps a lot on the final touches and decision making process.

The logo is inspired by intuitive and innocent drawings a child would make. I strongly believe an untainted creative mindset is the ideal place to be when making art and music, with Ombra we find channeling that youthful innocence and teenage angst is a familiar trait in all the music we release.

On the individual front, where does your fascination for wave / post-punk, dark disco sound and aesthetic inspired by the underground 80’s revolt to pop culture originate from? Can you share one of your most treasured memories of that time with us?

A lot of us are children of the 80’s, so this music was something we grew up on as a rebellion to the cheese and hair metal I guess. I was raised by two artists, my dad an abstract painter and mom a photographer, so they were always playing the more underground music like Alan Vega, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Fad Gadget… I think this had a strong early impact on me creatively.

What’s on the horizon for Curses and Ombra International?

Number 6 drops in June with music from Dame Bonnet (Berlin), Csk (Parma, Italy), Postmodernism Forms (Bogota), and a massive collaboration between Damon jee and Alvaro Cabana called Holographic Planes. After that 007 will have music from Niv Ast, Skelesys, Forty Fings Dynamo and Order89 (FLVN + Jordi).

We will also be doing a big party during Sonar OFF WEEK in Barcelona June 13 at Bajofondo teaming up with Rotten City, which will be nuts. Sutja Gutierrez live, DYOR live, Curses b2b Roe Deers, Holographic Planes, Luis Costa… uffff.

I have finally finished my album, which is scheduled to drop in October. More info on that very soon…

Tell us a little about the mix you’ve made for us – where is it recorded, favourite tracks, inspiration, atmosphere, etc.

Think of the mix as an introduction to Ombra International for those that are unfamiliar. We’ve included releases from the label and also old and new tracks that we are excited by and share the same attitude in the music we play and make.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Non dormiro nemeno da morto.


1. Intro
2. Veneno – Atencion Especial (ISTRUMENTAL DEMO)
3. Die Wilde Jagd – Fremde Welt
4. Cannibal Ink – La Haine
5. Sex Judas ft. Ricky – The Sorrows of Young Walter
6. Black Booby – And She Walks
7. Excalibur – Opera V (Instrumental)
8. Robi Insinna – The Kiss
9. Passions – Endless
10. Ju-Ju83 – Untimely End
11. dawad & mokic – ending – (Low Manuel remix)
12. Sonia Dada – Jungle Song (edit)
13. Theus Mago – Ella (Curses Smoking Lights Dub)
14. Семь Ножей (Seven Knives) – Потерянные Образы (Lost Images)
15. Dat Loop – Dat Loop 2
16. Fad Gadget Ladyshave (Dj Lui Danceteria Edit)
17. Something Spæcial Edit #11 – The Master – by The Robot Scientists
18. Dog.ma – Tuba Rex II
19. Morphine – The Only One
20. P!OFF_ – Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt
21. Front 242 – Masterhit (Part I & II)
22. Viktor Tsoi & Kino – Песня без слов (Curses Edit)
23. Theus Mago – Ella (Feat. Doog)
24. Bagarrue Perdue – Cowboy
25. Damon Jee & Snem K – Dear Humans (DEMIAN Remix)
26. Perel – Hildegard
27. Nocera – Let’s Go (Bonus Beats)
28. Roe Deers – Go (Original Mix)
29. Holographic Planes – Drums Across Death
30. Los Saicos Lonely Star (Estrella solitaria)