An immersive transmission through thick clouds of futuristic rhythmics, cosmic electronica and primal body groovers. Rotterdam-based DJ and producer trio Yør Kultura are the latest to grace our mix series with a mind propelling voyage.

“Melting cultures, melting people.” Yør Kultura provides spiritual dance floor moments that culminate into shimmering ecstasy. Focused on incorporating influences from different places, art forms and experiences gathered across the globe, their contemporary fusion of tribal-driven electronics has landed widespread admiration. Following releases on Multi Culti, Atomnation and Laut & Luise, the project cemented their status with a standout two-tracker for Munich-based cult label Permanent Vacation, earlier this year.

With a recent contribution to Correspondant‘s annual V/A compilation, and a follow-up EP in the pipeline for Permanent Vacation, we warmly welcome the Rotterdam trio into our mix series, as they cook up an immersive transmission of soothing sonic rhythms and groove driven house schematics, and talk about things to come.

Welcome guys, pleasure having you! What’s been happening and where do we find you today?

Good evening and thanks for the invite on the blog. More than welcome to part of this. You can find us today in the middle of rounding up some recording sessions in the city of Rotterdam.

The Yør Kultura project has seen a swift rise since entering stage around 3 years ago. How did the studio partnership get started and how long was it before you guys were happy with the sounds that were being created?

We are all living in Rotterdam (NL), but we know each other from raves in our hometown years ago. We started making music together about 4 years ago, quite organically.

The sounds we are making are always evolving and changing. Nobody can stay the same by not changing. So we love to experiment by combining different styles into one blend. Sometimes this route takes you to some great new undiscovered areas, since we feel our music needs to add something to the music landscape instead of redoing something that’s already out there. The most important thing is that you have to feel a bit comfortingly displaced. In a good way.

Those sounds were last featured as part of Correspondant’s annual V/A compo. How did that come about and what can you tell us about your track contribution ‘Space Montage’?

This track has had many different faces over the past few months but the main idea stayed the same: the breakdown. We wanted to create something that’s bass heavy, had a (really) long breakdown – but still kept its tribal’ish flow. Once we tested the idea out a few times we knew we were on the right track, so we send it over to Jennifer. After a slice of pizza she said yes!

You told me your follow-up record for Permanent Vacation is on the way. After the success of this year’s label debut what can we expect from the second serving? 

The EP is almost finished and we’re really happy how its evolving. It will be a 4 track EP with a wider range of sounds than our latest release on Permanent Vacation. The thing we like most about it is that each track could be a fit for a different artist & style. That’s also something that’s typical for our sets, so it made perfect sense to do the same when producing. Of course it has the usual tribal elements but a few tracks are more peak time and others are a bit more space for the after hours.

Could you give us an insight into your collaborative process? Is there a certain roll division when it comes to producing tracks? How do things usually progress from an idea to getting the actual arrangements lined-up? And what piece of gear has been key to your work lately?

When working for so many years we all have our roles in making the track from idea to release. Mainly we make a certain amount of sketches on the road or in the studio. When we really feel the sketch has some potential we try and finish the track with the 3 of us.

Since we had to move to a new studio the last months we mainly worked with digital plug ins (except for the Virus TI2 desktop). For DAW we all use Ableton. Some of our most used tools are all the Soundtoys effects, and Fabfilter of course.

Tell us about this mix you’ve recorded for us. Inspiration behind its selection, atmosphere, special tracks and upcoming bits in there you would like to mention, etc.?

It’s a selection of tracks we’ve played a lot the last couple of months. The opening track comes from Via Maris which starts super easy with a perfect intro melody. In the middle “Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano – Parola (Rework)”, a track we really like with enchanting vocals and a steady flow. We tried to build up the Liquid Youth set similar to our dj sets. With in the beginning less musical themes but mainly focussing on the flow. While moving to the end some more energetic and melodic elements will find their place.

What else is coming up?

Music wise we have a lot of untested and unfinished sketches which still needs some work and there is a remix for Benjamin Frohlich coming up in the start of 2020.

Gig wise we have our first gig in Moscow coming up which we are really looking forward and the 2020 festival season is starting to fill up nicely. We are very humbled to be able to work on this project and hopefully meet some readers somewhere on the dancefloor next year. Thank you all for taking your time to read and be safe.

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Grab your copy of the ‘Compilation 7’ LP on Correspondant HERE.