Smoothly navigating across a colourful composition of styles and vibes, Maeve co-founder The Drifter shows the extend of his eclecticism over the course of a 80-minute mix.

After a little 3-week hiatus, Mark Flynn, aka The Drifter reignites our engines into hyperdrive. Mark is one of the forces behind globally renowned record label Maeve, alongside his good mates Mano Le Tough and Baikal. A collectively driven imprint that operates with a loose hanging panache for good vibes and an extraordinary eye for quality control. Both of which you’ll have experienced first hand if you’re familiar with the label’s output, or ever had the chance to attend one of their regular showcases.

From his monthly Cast Adrift radio show on Dublin Digital Radio, over to his releases on Permanent Vacation, Maeve and more, we’ve been enjoying The Drifter’s endeavours for quite a while. With that in mind, we extended an invite for the series and he crafted a beautifully eclectic journey in return, next to sharing the latest developments.

Hey Mark, what’s been going on? Given the current state of things around COVID, how’s life in Ireland at the moment and what’s been keeping you busy?

Hey, yeah crazy times. It’s a surreal experience the whole thing. The country is in lockdown. Fortunately I live on a farm so I have some space and can still be outside. I’m in a lucky position. I’m just trying to stay positive. I do wonder how life will change and how our scene will change and adapt though. But we shall dance again together that’s for sure.

With your monthly Cast Adrift show, you’ve been taking listeners through wide-ranging selections of mostly contemporary electronic music. Recently reaching its 28th episode, tell us about that 2-year period and your process for running Cast Adrift..

I really enjoy it. Starting out, I wanted to showcase music I listened to and collected but didn’t necessarily have a chance to play out often. The non-dance floor stuff, the weirder and slower stuff, the ambient stuff. A radio show was the perfect platform for this. It gives creative freedom, I can just play whatever I want.

Is there a certain way you approach music curation for each show, and where do you go digging for new stuff? ..what have been some recent nuggets you found while searching for music?

Depends on what new music I’ve got. Naturally I tend to start slow or ambient and build it up. Usually there’s a build of some kind. Sometimes I like to change it up and start faster. On the Digging side of things, I’m partial to heading down many Bandcamp wormholes. I’ll keep an eye on new releases and search the usual download sites. Youtube, Spotify, and some random sites too. Promos too.

Next to the radio show, you’ve been running Maeve alongside close friends Mano Le Tough and Baikal. What are some of the things you have enjoyed the most as the label has evolved, and where do you hope to take things next?

We’re coming up on 20 releases! I’m enjoying the evolution of the label, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. How to do things and how not to do things. Def some exciting releases on the way!  I’d say the most enjoyable thing is getting to do something creative with close friends. Releasing music that you really stand by. Also It has been a great experience getting to be able to travel and play music together around the world.

Over the last two years Maeve explored some new avenues in the form of a first album outing by Phil Kieran and the release of V.A. compilation ‘Heavy Rotations Vol.1’. Tell us about those projects and how they came together.. And can we expect to see a second comp instalment anytime soon?

Both projects came from being sent great music that we felt we needed to release in some way. What Phil sent us worked best as an album, the mood and vibe of it. The compilation was born out of receiving some super demos from friends. Maybe we will do another in the future. We shall see 🙂

Ever since attending the Maeve showcases at Trouw Amsterdam, I feel the label has a seriously strong connection to the city. Not all that surprising considering Baikal is Dutch himself.. Tell us a bit about your personal take on Amsterdam and its scene.

Yeah that Maeve showcase at Trouw was great. Amazing getting to play there before it closed it’s doors! I must say I love playing in Amsterdam. People are super passionate about their electronic music, always enthusiastic dancefloors. The amount of events, festivals and clubs on a week to week basis is incredible. You guys are exceptional at running events, always like clockwork!

On the music production side of things, your latest remix for Redsea just got released via Edu Imbernon’s Fayer label. Tell us a bit about your contribution. And what’s cooking in terms of original material?

Edu is a nice fella, I played at one of the Fayer parties in Barcelona. He got in contact and asked about a remix. There was some cool elements in the Red Sea original. I particularly enjoyed playing around with the vocals. Took me a while to get a bass line I was happy with, but it came together in the end. Nice to see Man Power on the other remix. I’ve original material that I’m working on, some you’ll hear on Maeve in the coming months.

Tell us about this mix you’ve cooked up for us. Inspiration behind its selection, atmosphere, special bits in there you would like to mention, etc.?

New tunes and sounds that I’m buzzing off. I start quite slow and build it with a few different styles. Then it hits a groove. I think there’s quite an emphasis on mood here, and not so much on big moments. It’s a gradual build. Although the Smaaghe & Cross tune is a banger!

I went out for a run and listen earlier. It passed the run test so here you go. Loads of new music I couldn’t include…I can use it in the next Cast Adrift.

There’s a cool dubby tune in there by the late great Andy Weatherall. Now that I’ve listened back to the mix I think his sound affected the overall vibe. Slow acid, dubby, balearic, new wave, kosmische. A love from outer space!

What else is coming up for you and Maeve?

Maeve has a cool new EP by Kev Sheridan up next, with a super Map.ache remix. Phil Kieran remixes on the way and some tunes by us co-founders in there too.  Like a lot of the rest of world I’m not sure what is going to happen next, I’m taking every day as it comes. Stay safe n well people. Keep the dream alive.

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Grab your copy of The Drifter’s recent remix for Redsea HERE.