Accumulating layers of dance floor hypnosis from the ESP Institute mainstay. Chilean-born DJ and producer Ricardo Tobar casually strolls through a captivating selection of ambient soundscapes, tripped out excursions and percussion driven heavy hitters.

Fresh from releasing his third studio album via Lovefingers’ always excellent ESP Institute, we warmly welcome Chilean-born DJ and producer Ricardo Tobar onto the platform. Titled “Continuidad”, the long player sees Tobar unhinge from convention approach and explore the outer reaches of the sonic spectrum. Putting his true imagination on display over the course of 10 tracks, the album exposes an unwavering attraction to epic chord changes, ascending peaks in arrangement and deep layers of rhythmical grit.

This approach carries further in his latest outing on Amsterdam-based Musar Recordings. Released last May, the 3 track “Nadivi” EP embarks on a wild ride through offbeat psychedelica, weirdo textures, otherworldly samples and includes a remix by Legowelt. Taking care of the 25th installment in our mix series, Ricardo Tobar offers up an eclectic selection of accumulating dance floor hypnosis featuring tripped out mind excursions, ambient soundscapes and percussion driven heavy hitters.

Grab a copy of the album via Bandcamp. And a copy of Nadivi via your favourite shop HERE.

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