Seamlessly navigating from Bronski Beat over to Perel, and back again from Oceanic to Spandau Ballet. Marlon Hoffstadt shares a highly infectious collection of his favourite tracks for the upcoming summer season, as we warmly welcome him into our mix series.

Marlon Hoffstadt is sure pulling all the right levers these days. The Berlin-based DJ and producer is as creative as they come and has been a big contributor to the Berlin scene, dabbling in multiple mediums from an early age. Aside from hosting his Savour The Moment party series, a series that aims to bring awareness to the overuse of digital apparatuses next to booking killer acts, he runs his own Midnight Themes record label since 2017. Hitting its seventh release this month, the record label has been Hoffstadt’s hometurf for further developing his wide-ranging sound mixture, next to Ransom Note Records.

Whilst his productions touches on featherlight acid, proto trance, dream house, italo and the occasional rave exploration, his frequent DJ-sets harness the same wide-ranging and energetic sound mixture. With his next EP landing April 19th, quickly followed by Savour The Moment’s 36 hours extended Easter party on the 20th, we warmly welcome the Wilde Renate resident for the latest installment in our mix series. From Marlon with love: “I hope you like the mix. It’s a little hit mix of some of my favourite summer songs, right in time for the sun to come back out.”

Ready For Take Hoff is partially out now via Midnight Themes. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.
Tickets for Savour The Moment’s Easter special are up via Resident Advisor.