A new high-octane transmission featuring quality sounds and meticulous blending by one of our hometown tastemakers; Lucky Done Gone!

Lucky Done Gone, otherwise known as Gijs Voesten, is one of the most contagious and high-spirited DJs you will find roaming around the Dutch scene. Originating from a small town in the South of Holland, via Tilburg to the country’s main heart of the electronic music scene: Amsterdam, Lucky leaves a trail of memorable moments in his wake. Taking cues from ambient, house, techno and Italo, his always on point DJ sets strike a great balance between complexity and all-out party vibes.

Next to playing festivals like DGTL, Wildeburg, Into the Woods and Drift, he manages to transmits his multidimensional sound palette through his “Emotional Emancipation radio show on the now defunct Red Light Radio and regular appearances on Operator. While Gijs is working on his first album and is helping Nuno Dos Santos with keeping Something Happening Somewhere running, we warmly welcome him into the mix series.

Lucky Done Gone: Facebook // Soundcloud // Instagram