Cosmic atmospherics and spaced-out hypnotic disco from Mexico’s finest duo. Zombies In Miami has an effortless ability that sends you purring into a harmonious hypnosis only to be kicked back into fifth gear with an exuberant amount of tension, energy and flair.

Zombies In Miami is the love child created by Mexican-based artists Canibal and Jenouise. As a releasing member of several high-lauded tastemakers like Correspondant, Permanent Vacation, Hippie Dance and Love On The Rocks, the versatile capabilities of the project’s studio output is one that has demanded global attention and lands somewhere between a techno hybrid with deep diving rock influences. Their heavy gear-fueled live performances are vibrant, to say the least, and descend into a whirlwind of high energy synths, drum pads and vocals with enough creativity to blow your socks off.

The past five years, the duo has been riding a relentless touring schedule that seen them quickly rise up the ranks and becoming much loved regulars at places like Panorama Bar and Lux Fragil and festivals like Burning Man and Fusion. With releases coming up on Cin Cin and Internasjonal, we caught up to get the latest developments on the Zombies In Miami front, next to them delivering a stellar mix of upcoming material by the likes of Fort Romeau, Axel Boman, Jennifer Touch, Kiwi and the duo themselves in all their exciting forms.

Welcome guys, good having you here! First off the usual icebreaker, how have you been and where do we find you today?

Hello! thank you for having us here. Happy new year. We are fine, working a lot with some gigs around our Mexican area and we are in Aguascalientes, our hometown spending some time in the studio doing new music and new plans. This period of the year is good because we can be more into the studio planning all the releases of the year and we like it.

It’s been a couple of months since we ran into each other at Amsterdam’s Dekmantel Festival. What have you been up to in the meantime – I see you’re just back from touring through Europe, how did that go down?

We have been touring between Europe, USA and Mexico. The last 2018 tour was intense playing in many cities around the world, doing a lot of music and preparing new stuff for this year. It was difficult to be in the studio the last months and thats why we been working during the planes, trains, buses, hotels.

Next to that, your latest record just hit the shelves via BAR Records. Having played the BAR Rotterdam venue several times as well, tell us a little about your connection to the BAR crew and how the idea of the release came forward.

That connection came when we were invited to play at BAR two years ago. We were playing in the Love on the Rocks showcase with Paramida and we also had a radio show in Operator. We met Jetti there and the connection was cool. We had a great time in the club and we were in love with the whole project. One month after we met Jetti and Sjoerd in Berlin and we spent a good time in an open air party. They told us their plans about the label and after they invited us to be on board on this great project. Of course we said yes because we trusted them and they are nice people with vision. We sent a couple of tracks and they said yes. We couldn’t be more happier. The split with Pin Up Club is great, they did a really nice track.

In comparison to your previous releases on Correspondant, Permanent Vacation and 2MR, from this year, the two tracks showcase a heavier, more urgent approach to the Zombies sound palette – same goes for your upcoming remix for Russian Chandeliers. Can you tell us a little about that development, and how did you guys approach the two cuts on BAR Records?

We love to experiment with our sound. We like the electro and also the melodic stuff. Zombies in Miami is very melodic but we tried to be more rough with these tracks. We started as ZIM doing EBM / Electro music back in days, maybe around 2010. It was cool to work with these kind of sounds and possibilities in the studio, also with latin percussions, weird synths and brake drums. Also we have like a 10 tracks in our studio with this kind of sound since 2010 and 2011. We are thinking to put this in an album later. Lets see. By the way we have one b-side “project” with a different name more into techno and electro, raw sounds and big room stuff. It’s called Planet ZIM.

You’ve been making music in various forms for quite a while now. Could you give us an insight into your collaborative process? Who does what when it comes to composing tracks.

It depends if we are working in the studio or composing while we are traveling. Most of the time Cani has an idea of a track, and when we are together we built it in the studio. Jenice likes to create the atmosphere or the structure of the track and vocals.

How do things usually progress from an idea to getting the actual arrangements lined-up and what kind of gear has been key to creating the Zombies sound so far?

It’s weird sometimes it can be very easy to work with the ideas of a track or an EP and do it very fast, but also it can take us a long time or get stuck in the way. We like to imagine the dancefloor or the vibe we would like to transmite while we are doing the arrangements of the track.The gear we think it has been a key for Zombies is our classical machines like Roland. We love to work with our MC-307 Groovebox. Really nice to spend hours and hours in the studio making basslines or drums. Also our Juno and 303 are important for the new tracks. Definitely the vocals are a sign in our tracks. We think the sound of Zombies is not the instruments, we know our formula to create our own vibe.

As Zombies In Miami is first and foremost a live project, tell us a little about the creative freedom that that brings with it for you guys. And was live performing always the plan since the project’s outset, or is that something that developed over time?

Individually both started doing live, so its in our roots. We like the possibilities to play live because we can always change our set up, the tracks, the style or the options to play. Sometimes we can decide to play a “only machines” set or sometimes the computer is an important part of the set for the sequences. We are a good team doing this. We know each other about our options and possibilities playing. Jenice is good doing drums and also doing atmospheres and vocals. Cani is more into the sequences, playing live synths and pads or improvising with the tracks making new version.

We are planning to start playing DJ sets this year too. Cani is playing as DJ since years but Jenice is now on it. We have different taste of music but its cool to mix our sounds. Should be good! Of course live performing is our priority always.

I know you’ve been working on the idea of starting your own label for a while now – how’s that coming about? And could you tell us a little about the direction you would like to explore with the label?

Yes we are on it. Its quite difficult to plan this since 1 year ago. Should we be ready around end of the year.. hopefully soon hehe. We are playing a lot and thats why we don’t have the time to make all the plan. Definitely we have bunch of ideas about music and art for the label. We like all the music and lot of styles. We want to introduce some new Mexican people and good friends around the world. Also we are doing this like a platform to put more ZIM music. We have some tracks ready for this project. We cant wait to share our label vision. We are very excited with this but we need to work more on it. We need extra hours! haha

Next to that, you earlier mentioned something special coming up on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin record label. Anything you can share with us about that one?

Yes we are very happy with this release in Cin Cin. It’s coming around mid March and is a split EP with one of our favorite and truly inspiration artist from DFA. We can not say a lot about this release yet but it will be hot! We did two tracks for this release, one is very melodic and percussive and the other one is more rough but sexy and intense for the dance floor. Key tracks in our live act.

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve cooked up for us? Where was it recorded, atmosphere you’re going for and any special records in there you would like to mention?

We made this mix in our studio in Aguascalientes using our beautiful Taula 4 rotary mixer and 2 XDJ 1000 MK2. Of course our cat Frodo was there like always. He is an important part of the atmosphere in our studio so we were relaxed and chill. The mix includes new music of friends like Johannes Albert, Kiwi, Fort Romeau or Axel Boman new remix for the great Benji Frohlich. Of course we put “Mirrors” our track released in BAR and a new one called “Time in the Space” before the last track. Also we played there one track of Cani with one of his solo project called Angelo Ferrara. This mix is more into our kind of sounds now. All this tracks together are like a good story for us.

What else is coming up for Zombies In Miami?

We are very looking forward for this 2019. We have some release plans in nice labels like Cin Cin or Internasjonal. We are focus in our album too. Waiting with patience our summer tour in Europe from May till beginning of August. Also we are involved with partners doing parties in our hometown with the guys from Lazy Sundays and Disco Radar. We are working hard!

Any words of wisdom for 2019?

Trust and Be patience. Good things are coming!

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