A stormy voyage through cosmic electronica, chugging breakbeat and spacey dub techno. Los Angeles based DJ and producer Cooper Saver, co-owner of the legendary Far Away series, showcases his ever evolving palette of sounds over an intergalactic filled hour.

This week we warmly welcome Los Angeles based DJ and producer Cooper Saver to serve us the goods! Far Away is a radio show, hosted by Cooper Saver, and a series of legendary parties and cassette mixtapes organised by Cooper and Jen Ferrer out of their hometown. The cassettes and monthly late-night warehouse parties, feature names like Floating Points, Young Marco, Jacques Renault, Joakim, Lovefingers, Call Super, and Solar, next to giving stage to an array of unique and local talent.

As a producer, Cooper maintains a steady flow of remixes – recognized most for his recent remix for The Golden Filter and frequent visits on DFA Records, next to his original music on Permanent Vacation, which has recently begun to surface. With output under his own name patiently sitting amongst Hivern DiscsESP Institute, and Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal, due to be unveiled later this year, we caught up with Cooper to hear the latest on the studio developments and his ongoing Far Away affair.

Welcome Cooper, good having you here! First off, the usual icebreaker, where do we find you today and how have the first weeks of 2019 been treating you thus far?

Thanks for having me! You’re finding me in my studio at home today, making the most of a very rare rainy week here in LA. 2019 is off to a very mellow start, can’t complain.

It’s safe to say that last year, has been a great one for you! You released some highly-lauded remixes for The Golden Filter and Perel, next to releasing your first original material in a while via Permanent Vacation and continuing your Far Away party series. Must feel good?

Definitely feels good. Making music is always hard – but I really enjoy learning and it’s feeling a lot more fun for me these days.

With those releases in mind, it felt like 2018 was the year your focus shifted a lot more towards your studio work. Tell us a little about that devolvement? And with that, have your production methods changed a lot in recent months?

I think this came naturally as I spent a lot of time over the past year or so wondering how I can narrow down my influences and inspirations in a more cohesive manner. I think it’s important to have a “sound.” So putting more thought into what that might mean for me. My methods have changed a bit just from putting in more time and learning as much as possible.

I know you’ve an EP coming up on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal – not too shabby, I must add! Can you tell us a little about your connection to the Norwegian Prins, and how the release ended up signed to his label?

We booked Thomas a few years ago to play all night long at Far Away and it was a really special night. I had been emailing him for a long time trying to get him over to LA, but that was the first time we actually met. We’ve kept in touch and seen each other a few times since then, and he liked some of the tracks I was working on and kindly offered to put them out.

It will be your first ever, fully fledged solo EP. How did you approach this new record? Was working in an EP format any different in contrast to the previous studio work you’ve done?

It was very different because up until last year, I had only released remixes. The approach was to simply apply some things I had learned about production to the test and see if I could make some things on my own. The tracks on this record for Thomas are from the first batch of original tracks that I felt were worth sharing – a never ending process of just figuring things out.

Drawing from what I’ve heard, it showcases your most dance floor-focused material to date, whilst staying ethereal as hell. What can you tell us about the sound and tracks showcased on there?

Dancefloor stuff for sure. I really like the remixes Thomas and Matt Karmil did too. Describing what things sound like is tough, but if it sounds ethereal that works for me!

You’ve been collaborating with Jen Ferrer for a number of years now, co-running the Far Away party series in your hometown. Tell us a little about how you guys met and the Far Away parties initially started. Was it a co-run thing from the start?

Far Away initially started as a one-off launch party for my radio show under the same name and I did it alone. I went into it blindly and later realized it’s not an easy job for one person, especially when it got really full-on for a while. From throwing the party I met a lot of like-minded people and Jen is one of them – she’s been DJing and working at labels for a long time and we just met by running in similar circles – I had her play a few parties and eventually brought her on board.

Last year alone, Far Away hosted some of the most desirable names in the bizz like Floating Points, Call Super, Solar, Young Marco, Project Pablo, Omar S and Cinnaman. What, would you say, are the key elements of a Far Away party, aside from the killer bookings?

Intimate and unique venues and extended (or all night long) sets. Also having regular returning guests, creating a little family.

You’re probably getting this question a lot, but for someone who hasn’t been to LA yet, how is the scene looking at the moment? Any recommendations for a LA greenie to go and visit for music, food and record digging?

I think it’s better than ever. All the locals are awesome, and there’s generally a very positive energy amongst people who are involved in the scene here. I suggest visiting our local online radio station, Dublab – it’s the ultimate hub for what’s going on here and brings everyone together – you can go there for all the LA tips.

What do you guys have in store with Far Away for 2019?

We’ve just announced our first parties of the year – kicking things off with Josey Rebelle this month, followed by a special guest we can’t announce in Feb, and the return of Call Super in March. We’re also getting our cassette series back into gear, about to release an amazing tape from Floating Points.

Tell us a little about the mix you’ve constructed for our listening pleasure – where was it recorded, was there any specific atmosphere you’re going for and any special records in there you would like to mention?

I recorded it here at home and wanted to do something chuggy and a bit slow.. A good chunk of these tunes came from a playlist I made for a gig in December where I opened for Marie Davidson – one of the best nights in recent memory – so I guess channeling some of that energy here. I also tossed in an unreleased jam of mine in there as well. I usually find it tough to go full on peak time mode while recording mixes at home, so I didn’t take that route.

What’s coming up for Cooper Saver – any plans for a trip to Amsterdam perhaps?

More music. Living life. No touring opportunities at the moment – fingers crossed though.

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