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Tel Aviv’s Autarkic, responsible for releases on Disco Halal, Turbo Recordings and Le Temps Perdu, talks about his influences, upcoming EP on Life And Death, studio sessions with Manfredi Romano and the recently released remix package on Disco Halal, next to carving out a club oriented, sloppy dub mix brimming with unreleased Autarkic material.

He wouldn’t be sitting amongst Disco Halal‘s elite team if he didn’t know how to throw around some of the most interesting music out there. Autarkic is an one man musical phenomenon bursting with untapped potential well beyond the edge of creative discovery and has a bag of tricks exciting enough to turn an eye or two. As moniker of the Tel Aviv native and inhabitant Nadav Spiegel, the project carries an unmistakable amount of flair and has developed his own blend of leftfield with a ’70s punk rock and pop edge to pin point perfection.

With his releases to date comfortably landing on record labels like Disco Halal, Turbo Recordings, Multi Culti and Le Temps Perdu, it’s easy to recognize the different approach Autarkic brings to the electronic music scene, as his studio output is welcomed with an interesting surge of fascination surrounding them. Being first and foremost a songwriter, the producer, live performer and DJ seems to be one of those rare multitalented cases creating lyrical club tracks with his own experimental flavour.

Following the release of his beautifully loaded “I Love You, Go Away” LP on Disco Halal, the record label just put out a stellar remix package for the already exuberant affair, featuring Red Axes and Simple Symmetry. With an busy touring schedule and a club focused EP coming up on Life And Death there is much to get excited about. If you thought you knew the direction Autarkic was embarking upon, hold on to your socks. Because from what we’ve heard Autarkic is hitting notes and sounds beyond the already high set expectations on that one!

In our eyes one of the most exciting and diverse acts to recently embark on the landscape of contemporary electronic music with his hardware heavy layout. And one that we’re more then excited about to welcome into our Straight Forward series, as we talk about his upcoming EP on Life And Death, studio sessions with Manfredi Romano and the recently released remix package on Disco Halal. Next to him carving out a club oriented, sloppy dub mix brimming with unreleased Autarkic material, plus current favorites.

Photographer: Neil Cohen

Photographer: Neil Cohen

Welcome Nadav! For those unfamiliar with Autarkic, who are you, what do you do, and where are you from?

I’m Nadav Spiegel, a musician and DJ from Tel Aviv.

Coming from a cultural landscape that knows many different origins, tell us a little about the variety of musical influences you grown up around?

I was influenced mainly from regular radio and MTV and some other people cd collections. Nothing unusual for a kid grown up in the nineties. Later in my life, when the internet arrived and brought the napster revolution with it, my musical range got a bit bigger.

With that in mind, your discography certainly packs a hefty combination of different influences and musical elements, ranging from 70s-80s punk and new wave, over to synth-pop and back. How would you describe your sound? A colorful metaphor will do as well.

I hardly listen to new wave/post punk anymore.. more classic dub stuff, Rock and off course trying to be up to date of what is happening in the electronic scene.

As you’re based in Tel Aviv, tell us a little about the creative spirit the city has with in it and why it seems to be such a thriving place for creative minds and people alike.

I think the city always had creative minds doing great stuff but again the internet changed it all and from a place that is geographically far from the west it became aware to new things that happen like in other places.

You’ve an EP coming out on Life And Death soon. Tell us a little about your connection to the record label and Manfredi Romano? And can you shine some light on how the record found its place in the universe on the imprint?

Manfredi asked through a mutual friend to connect with me, I sent him some tracks and when he came to Tel Aviv we sat in my studio and he gave me some really good tips how to make the tracks more club friendly. It was a great example for A&R work.

What can we expect on there – any particular influences, direction of sound, and inspiration that led up to the EP’s creation?

It’s a club EP, my first one I think. Still very rock influenced but sound and production are more aimed to the peak time dance floor.

Next to that, you’ll be joining the Life And Death crew during their upcoming showcases at Sonar, Barcelona and the Dead Sea event in Israel. With the latter taking place at such a unique venue in Israel, it must be a special one for you in particular?

I’m very looking forward to play in both locations, as they are stunning each in their own way.

Following the release of your emotion packed “I Love You, Go Away” LP on Disco Halal, the record label is about to release the remix package for it. What will we find on there?

Two edits of Red Axes and one from Simple Symmetry. Very good tunes!

Can you tell us a little about the selection process of the artists on there? I can imagine this is something you were closely involved with, so what do you think both acts bring to the plate on a musical level?

When I finished my album I listened to it together with Red Axes and I left the files on their computer with no intention. After a few days they made these 2 insane edits. Simple Symmetry got the whole stems package and did a wonderful remix.

As live performer, are there any artist you would like to collaborate with on stage? On your “I Love You, Go Away” LP we saw you connect with Xen on the production front. Is this something you want to implement into your live performances as well, or do you consider Autarkic very much as an one man show?

Usually in the clubs I’m playing now there is hardly place for me + these things cost money. I do want to perform with other people but I don’t think it will happen in the “regular” live in clubs.

Vocals play a big part on your records as well. Where does this fascination with vocal layouts, or should I say, attraction to it come from? Did you do any vocalistic work prior to your work as a producer?

My voice is another instrument I have, like a synth, Guitar Etc.. and I feel secure enough to use it + Vocals on club track are not so usual so I think it really helped me to stand out in our scene.

What can we expect from Autarkic in the near future? Any plans scheduled for paying your Amsterdam-based following a visit?

I’m gonna release more new music following the Life And Death EP. Amsterdam? By the end of the year I hope.

Tell us a little about the mix you’ve made for us – where is it recorded, favourite tracks, inspiration, atmosphere, etc.

I recorded the mix on my computer, nothing special I guess.. It’s a sloppy dub club mix with more then a couple of my own unreleased originals, remixes & edits, plus new music I love at the moment from Richard sen, Optimo music, Alexis Le-(T)fan and more.. Enjoy.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Support the artists! They make the music you listen to!

Grab your copy of “I Love You, Go Away – Remixes” HERE.

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