Lossless is more than a label – it’s like a tribe driven by proficient craft and gradual, joint evolution with its artists. This ingrained mentality, laying at the core of the label’s existence, creates an very prolific starting point for its members to surpass in the most organic way possible. Since its installment, early 2014, Lossless‘ founders Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb, have made sure every release gets carefully treated with an eye on this philosophy, resulting in an label that is not only forward thinking, but very easy for listeners to get behind.

With pinpoint precision, Lossless has put out an select, but significant body of work in its three and half year lifespan. Quality over quantity, is the main strive and immediately apparent when listening to the record label’s back catalog.  The carefully handpicked records – all featuring forward-thinking-house music – wear the label’s zigzagging hallmark on its vinyl sleeve, with the primary colour signifying the year of its release.

Standing on the forefront of Lossless’ success, is a select group of up-and-coming producers like Dutch “electronica professor” Love Over Entropy, Portuguese “wonder boy” Trikk, Irishman Neil Flynn, the French Anthony Georges Patrice or label head Mathias Schober himself – under his real name, as SB, SHOW-B or together with his companion Thomas Herb under their SBTH moniker.

With its individual artists and projects becoming more and more lauded among heavyweights and clubbers alike, all members of the Lossless collective appear to flourish within the label’s philosophy – driven by proficient craft and gradual, joint evolution. Something that is admirable and separates them from the horde.

The latest exposition of Lossless’ mutual evolution came in the form of the label’s second compilation release, earlier this month. Titled Outbound.2, the record features 6 brand new tracks by the labels roster, including some new collaboration projects between Trikk and Schober, as Internacional Electrical Rhythms, and Anthony Georges Patrice, together with Wayne Duggan, as Bunús.

With Outbound.2 in mind, we fired some questions across Lossless’ head honchos Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb about the label, their summer and things to come. In addition Schober composed a 74-minute mix for us, including his current favourites. Read bellow and listen above.

Welcome Mathias and Thomas, good to have you here! How have you been, and how has the summer treated you thus far?

Hello there and thanks for having us. Well, even if it was not the best summer in terms of the weather in central Europe, it’s been a fruitful and productive time and we’re in a very good mood. Played some great shows the last months, like our showcase in Brooklyn N.Y., the Ry X and Frank Wiedemann curated and truly wonderful Sacred Ground festival or showcases at Gewölbe in Cologne and the Castello Festival were the highlights.

And we’ve had some well received releases over the last months – our “Moritzplatz” EP, then the record which marks part two of the collaboration with our friend Nuno Dos Santos and his SoHaSo label – King Britt’s afro house classic “Uzoamaka” including a superb Dixon Update, which we’re proud of.

Last but not least, Lossless just signed to Sweat Lodge Agency. They’re going to take over Lossless and artist bookings from now on. We’re really happy about this as Sweatlodge’s roster is filled friends and fellow artists.

Tell us a little about Lossless’ cultivation and the idea behind it.

With Lossless we weren’t solely building a platform to release the music we love and believe in, but we wanted to start a new tribe movement. Passionate as we are, we’re giving our very best in making our vision of running a forward thinking electronic music label become reality every day.

No matter what genre, we are searching for and releasing music that can stand the test of time. It should feel fresh, but we don’t wanna follow any current hype. We’d always put quality over quantity.

All our artists share the same vision about the music they’re making. “””Making hits is easy””” They are putting a lot into it and they bear when we’re anal about some details. It’s definitely a kinda family vibe and that’s how it should be.

In addition to that we have a unique design coming from our graphic designer – Paul Putzar. It’s more or less slightly changing from year to year but has a high recognition value. Inspiration comes from classic dance labels as well as from current art. With our distribution partner Muting The Noise we have the perfect home and a strong partner that shares the same vision too.

What would you like listeners to take away from music released on Lossless?

We hope that our releases evoke or even amplify emotions of the listeners – regardless of time and space. Would be nice if it’s causing goosebumps and makes people freak out or lets them escape from reality for a couple of minutes and the music is still in your mind the day after the party. And of course that the songs released on Lossless stand the test of time.

With that, do you feel there’s a common tie that runs through the releases, be it in philosophy, reflection of your own interests or music policy?

There’s definitely a common tie between all our releases and ideally everyone can feel it when you’re following us. The before mentioned passion about the music is key. We’re moving and growing together with all our artists.

This month saw the release of Lossless’ second Outbound compilation. What can we find on there and what’s the idea behind its composition?

Well, it’s pretty much about picking up on this common tie again – in 2015, we had the idea to compile three strong but individual tunes from Neil Flynn, SBTH and Anthony Georges Patrice on one release, showcasing the label’s core talent on one EP. So that was Outbound.1. We really still believe in the concept compilation, maybe not in the way of putting together 25 tracks and overwhelm people with the sheer amount of music, but more to showcase what our core artists are working on.

So, it was just a question of time until we’ve got the mix of music right in order to release Outbound.2. Earlier this year everything came together, with exclusive works from our core artists Neil Flynn, Love Over Entropy, Trikk, Mathias Schober plus two new exciting projects: Internacional Electrical Rhythms which is formed by Trikk and Mathias and Búnus which is Anthony George Patrice teaming up with Wayne Duggan.

Tell us a little about Internacional Electrical Rhythms’ origins, and the project debut track, Mathias.

There was no real plan starting a project. Trikk and myself just started working on some music as we’re hanging out a lot and it worked out pretty well. So, we decided to make this a new project, as it’s a bit different from what we both would usually do. I think it’s still us though and it’s close enough. Anyways, IER isn’t going to be a one off thing, we do have more tracks ready and there’s a first EP in the pipeline too. From what the plans are so far it’s going to be an interesting journey.

This specific track was actually the first track we finished. We were recording a lot percussion, vocals and e-bass, everything that we would find. It was a big jam session and at one point it was all coming together.

In the labels’ three and a half year lifespan, there have been 7 different artists releasing on Lossless – not including the vocalists. What’s the reason for working with such a tight roster?

Again, that’s pretty much related to the philosophy behind Lossless. We’re living in super speedy, often opportunistic and egoistic times – assign this to the field we’re operating in, this means tons of artists and labels don’t even make it to the ‘water surface’ until they disappear again.

The current dance music scene seems like a marketing driven business, that sometimes looses connection to it’s core product – the music. We want to achieve something as a family, a movement. We’re working on the same thing for the same reasons.

We’re all growing together. We’re honest with each other, discuss and exchange thoughts as much as possible and of course all this grew into a friendship. This is a high value and is also reflected in the fact, that with one exception, all artists that has released on Lossless, appear on two or more records.

That being said, we’re definitely no closed circle. If we discover or receive music that’s interesting and we’re connecting with the artist, we’re more than happy to welcome a new face to the Lossless tribe.

Will we see some new faces appear on Lossless in the future?

Not in 2017 but definitely in 2018. We can’t tell much more just yet, but be sure we have some exciting things coming for next year.

Aside from running the label together, you guys produce together under the SBTH moniker, which you noticeable reimbursed this year. Tell us a little about your working approach in the studio.

First of all it’s always driven by our love for music and that we enjoy working together in the studio – it’s inspiring and fun. So, creating music is not a conceptual process for us, but we do have a rough vision of what kinda track we’re going for. Often we start with a sample or a basic idea. A live percussion recording or cutting up a melody sample can take you to many places. Let the music guide you and don’t try to force it…and again being honest is king! When the A-Side of an EP is ready, we then aim for a fitting track that would complete the EP, complementing the A-Side.

Will we see your focus shifting more towards the collaboration project, in the future, rather then producing separately? If so, why?

Well, the two of us of course have always been individual artists in it’s own right and there’s no need to change anything.

But we definitely keep up with the SBTH project – it’s a fixture now – in the studio as well as DJ-ing together when it fits. That’s how we actually met – both being DJs and part of the Munich nightlife our paths crossed someday, we met, became friends and eventually DJ’d together regularly. During that time the seed has been planted what became our label Lossless later. It’s just great that without loosing the focus on our individual careers – we have the freedom of collaborating as SBTH. This keeps things fresh for us and is really inspiring.

Could you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us, Mathias?

When working on a mix I do have the approach to make it a journey, pleasant to listen to in different situations and it will always be music I like at that certain time. Creating music or working on mixes is like a snapshot of time. With mixes for me it’s usually a mix of old and new music, but just music I like as afore mentioned. It’s great as you can play music too, that’s not always working in a club context. It’s hard to tell where it’s going before I start as I like quite a bit of music and I think there’s a lot of great music out there at the moment. The mix for you guys is the same, although I would say it’s tending to the weirder, bit deeper side. I’d say you’d just give it a listen. I’m not making this an essay about the concept of the mix. Let the music speak, as they say.

What’s on the horizon for SBTH and Lossless, any chance of seeing a forth release this year?

We’ll hopefully enter Mathias’ studio in Berlin again very soon. There are some promising SBTH layouts that we have to work on. And yes, the next Lossless is scheduled for mid October and is finally a new Anthony George Patrice EP – only his second one btw. Expect the unexpected. If everything goes as planned there’s one more release in December, and it’s damn good too. We’re very happy with what’s upcoming and we do hope everyone out there will like it too.

Buy Lossless’ “Outbound.2” compilation HERE.