Some really great records in here. Upcoming music by Joy Orbison, DJ Metatron, John Talabot, Roman Flügel, Barnt, Fatima Yamaha, Baikal, Moscoman, Marc Piñol, Aera, Giegling, Hivern Discs, Correspondant, Afterlife, Hinge Finger, SunkLo, Semantica Records and RePublik Music.

01. Quentin – Mirage (Original Mix) [Hivern Discs]

02. Joy Orbison – Fuerza (Original Mix) [Hinge Finger]

03. Man Power – Beilsteiner (Moscoman Remix) [Correspondant]

04. Fatima Yamaha – Araya (Original Mix) [Magnetron Music]

05. DJ Metatron – State Of Me (Original Mix) [Giegling]

06. Barnt – Sixth ZG (Original Mix)

07. Between Ourselves – Content Aware Scale (Aera Remix) [RePublik Music]

08. Vaal – Wander To Hell (Baikal Remix) [Afterlife]

09. Woo York – Atlantis (Original Mix) [Semantica Records]

10. Boddika & Joy Orbison – Severed Seven (Original Mix) [SunkLo]