In exactly one month, the Connaisseur family will descend on Radion Amsterdam during the 10 Years Of Connaisseur Recordings evening! The next few weeks we will highlight the artists that will perform at this very special showcase one by one. We start things off with true Connaisseur, Musumeci!

Driven by his passion for music, Sicilian DJ and producer Mauro Di Martino, better known nowadays as Musumeci, started his musical journey in the late 80’s. Since than, he paved the way for himself with various projects before striking gold with the establishment of his Musumeci project back in 2009, and the start of his Engrave Ltd imprint in 2013.

With the release of his “Rules” series, Musumeci introduced his sound to the world for the first time. Containing a mixture of Balearic touches, Detroit techno influences and deep house vibes, his sound perfectly represents his electronic music roots and stands on its own. After numerous great releases, Musumeci had his first big international breakthrough with the release of his album The Gemini Project. The seven track LP received huge support from guys like Âme, Dixon, Marcel Dettmann and Mano Le Tough to name a few, with the track “VI” in particular.

His album was quickly followed up by a string of quality releases on big label such as Diynamic Music, Connaisseur Recordings, AEON Audio, Bedrock Records, Compost Black Label and My Favorite Robot. In short, not the easiest labels to get on your repertoire. As a result, Musumeci firmly pressed his mark on the electronic music society. His most recent work was released on Diynamic’s sister label 2DIY4 in the form of a spectacular remix of Lehar and Rush Midnight’s track “Number One Hero”.

Next to the success of his Musumeci project, Mauro is part of the Human Machine quartet. A collaboration project between four good friends, that focuses on blending their four different musical backgrounds and skills into one new consciousness. They introduced the project with the release of their Black MechanismEP in 2015, getting a lot of support right out the gates.

After a year of radio silence, the project made its return in style with the release of their massive 146 EP on Connaisseur Recordings. Labelled by Mixmag as “Essential listening for anyone who wants a peak-time cut destined to get your crowd going”, the title track “146” gathered support by the thousands and can be described as one of the most desired tracks in the early months of 2016 after being a returning phenomenon in sets from Âme and Dixon.

In addition to all of this, he manages to run The Sound Of Connaisseur radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, alongside label mates Lehar and Olderic. The weekly show features exclusive mixes from the three Connaisseurs, next to guest mixes by friends of the label.

Being closely involved with so many outstanding projects, Musumeci shows his dedication and passion for music in a way few do. Something what you can witness on the 6th of May, during the 10 Years Of Connaisseur Recordings special at RADION Amsterdam!

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Musumeci, a true Connaisseur!