With only a few days to go before Human Machine will make their long-awaited debut in Amsterdam during Connaisseur Recordings’ 10-year anniversary party at Radion Amsterdam, we take a closer at the Sicilian quartet, the success op their “146” EP and their upcoming track “The Mule”.

Human Machine, a true example of a collaboration project working in perfect harmony. Founded by Mauro Di Martino, better known nowadays as Musumeci, and his friends Sisio, Simeone and Pavi, the project focuses on blending their four different musical backgrounds and skills into one new consciousness and have done so very successfully thus far.

With the release of their “Black Mechanism” EP in 2015, Human Machine introduced their sound to the world for the first time. Containing a mixture of techno influences, futuristic house, dark grooves and warm synth textures, their sound is a rare combination of talent and experience forged into one project. Their debut EP, released on Musumeci’s Engrave Ltd imprint, instantly found its way into the harts from electronic music lovers across the world and caused quite a uproar in the underground scene.

After a year of radio silence, the project re-emerged in style with the release of their massive “146” EP on Connaisseur Recordings. Labelled by Mixmag as “Essential listening for anyone who wants a peak-time cut destined to get your crowd going”, the title track “146” gathered support by the thousands and can be described as one of the most desired tracks at the end of 2015 and the early months of 2016 after being a returning phenomenon in sets from Âme and Dixon.

Next to the title track “146”, the EP’s B-side features two other very well composed gems. The B1 title “Drone” is more focussed on a deep hypnosis, combined with a very demanding work on the groove. “Janus”the closing title is the most airy and atmospheric track on the “146” EP, with a characteristic straight beat and strong arpeggios.

The Sicilian quartet doesn’t take long to follow up the success of their latest release. With the release of their upcoming three track EP on Berlin-based music label Exit Strategy, the project will continue to grow at a high rate of fire. Featured on the EP is their highly anticipated track “The Mule”, which is expected somewhere around Spring 2016, but is already making the rounds in sets from Âme and Dixon, as shown in the video bellow.

With their name firmly embedded, the future of the Sicilian quartet is looking very, very bright to say the least. On Friday the 6th of May, they will make their long-awaited debut in Amsterdam during Connaisseur Recordings’ 10-year anniversary party at RADION Amsterdam, next to performances by Musumeci, Lehar, Peter Pardeike, Olderic and Alex Flitsch.

▷ Tickets: http://bit.ly/10yrsconnaisseur
▷ Event: http://bit.ly/connaisseur10