Weird Weather seamlessly navigates dark basement club music through to calmer, balmier moments as their versatile “Bamboo Room” EP lands on Emotional Especial. A thoughtfully arranged body of work with relentless riding rhythms and euphoric mind-melters.

Emotional Especial is one of those rare record labels that if you buy their whole back catalog you know you’re getting your money’s worth. After a supremely quiet 2017, where batteries were recharged and life happened, the more Dance orientated sub-label of Emotional Response returns in 2018 with the introduction of new duo, Weird Weather and their debut EP, Bamboo Room. Slotting perfectly in the label family with 4 cuts covering dark basement club music through to calmer, balmier moments.

LJ Horstman and D Thornley, conjoined metal nerds from opposite ends of the London suburbs who bonded over love of dub mixes, create Weird Weather. On their debut EP, the two embark on a diverse ride true four years of jamming, constructing, dubbing and re-dubbing. “Sequence 5” is a one-take body-music desk dub. The relentless riding rhythms and faint harmonics pull you to the dance floor in unknown fashion.

Bamboo Room is scheduled for release soon via Emotional Especial. Pre-order via Juno.